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Sensors / Re: acs712 current dc incorrec...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 07:08 am
"There's a 500mv offset to subtract."
Is there?
I thought zero current was VCC/2, not 0.5volt.
Maybe I'm looking at the wrong sensor.

Maybe best to take multiple A/D samples, and store them e.g. in an unsigned int (<=64 samples).
Then subtract a "zero current" value (about 511-512 * the number of samples).
And then convert that value to current.

Milliamps is wishful thinking.
A bi-directional sensor and a 10-bit A/D has a span of about 450 values over it's uni directional current range. With a 30Amp sensor, granularity (steps) is about 67mA.
A 0.1Amp readout is more realistic.

Try to make the current sensor work on it's own, before adding it to the program.
Hardware / Re: RFID RC522 su arduino due
Last post by longiarduino - Today at 07:06 am
Ciao, che Pin hai utilizzato per collegare il lettore ad Arduino DUE?
A 100HP+  3-phase motor is a big bit of kit - 3 x 4 feet.. ?

Your pool motor is probably 1.25 HP.  Typical size. Look for the decimal point!

An old-fashioned 12"x24" brushed dc motor will only be 20-30HP max - probably 10-15.  I've  worked on such things in cranes.

It won't handle 100's of HP as a generator. No chance.



Anybody have an example of a GPRS connection with A7 Module and AT commands ?

Thanks a lot

Also a } missing as well as // thats missing on a comment line.

Tom... :)
okay I'm sure by now most will recognize my name here and I hope I'm not annoying anyone with my repetition, but I have time now again to work on my design.

I need to make a string of "X" led "UNITS" to blink in a pattern such as inside to outside (and vice versa), left to right chase(and vice versa), 1/2 and 1/2 alternating (Just to name a few)

X = 1-10

My problem is the "blink" with digital delay is not effective for 10 individual units blinking in different sequences  blah blah blah, I know there are other options to code it but I'm not in full understanding of how they work and how to package it so I don't  have massive amounts of code to sort though when making changes.... yes in know these are newbie questions but I'm trying to work on this while taking care of my newborn, working full-time and training for my firefighting future.

I have a technical/ programming requirement however,

the first "UNIT" will be connected to a main CPU
each unit will be attached to each-other but needs to communicate back to the CPU to tell it another unit has been plugged in and in turn add that unit to the pattern

 if I have two units connected to each-other, unit one is connect to unit two and the main controller and unit two is only connected to unit one. 
if i add 2 units and connect them to unit two the pattern changes to incorporate the new units.

I've attached a picture to show what I mean

Programming Questions / Re: Help with repairing this s...
Last post by aarg - Today at 06:58 am
You have:

Code: [Select]
    Button A();


Code: [Select]
Button A is not the same as ButtonA

Tom.. :)
General Electronics / Re: Caveats with inductors?
Last post by allanhurst - Today at 06:57 am
The peak switch current for the NCP1402 is about 200mA, and they recommend 47uH.

I'd go for at least 300mA rating.

Get searching.

Welcome to the forum.

Please read the first post in any forum entitled how to use this forum.,148850.0.html then look down to item #7 about how to post your code.
It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

What Arduino are you using?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)

[/I am using the mega 2560. No matter where I move things around I am still getting the button A was not declared in this scopequote]
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