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That snippet is trying to compare the entire receivedChars[] array with a single character.
I had guessed that the array was only as deep as the amount of letters typed.
So I guess the if the comparator tested more than one index of the array, prolly "\n" is the last item in the array and so it failed?

Before anything do the basic like running a windows troubleshooter just follow the guide wizard.
Click Start
Type Troubleshooting
Choose "Configure a Device" under Hardware and Sound
Click Next
Click Apply This Fix
check if you're getting same error you can try other methods found on this website
Arduino Due / Camera data to SD corrupted wh...
Last post by wnekid - Today at 01:34 am
My goal here is to get a VC0706 camera working on my DUE. I was advised to use this library which should do just as that.

By following the instruction of the README I've successfully captured images using UART mode through hardware serial but this takes about a whole minute to capture and save. Meanwhile with SPI enabled the image is saved in about a second. The downside here is that the SPI transferred image is corrupted every single time. The COM output shows that each image is exactly the same size so I know right away the image is bad. Enabling the debug option didn't point to any real error either. (Just a read error that shows up after every reset, which it does in successful UART trials anyways).

So could anyone lend some input? I'm assuming my wiring is correct or else I wouldn't be able to save images through UART mode to begin with.
Hardware / Re: Modulo hc 05
Last post by toros04 - Today at 01:31 am
sono riuscito a far partire il tutto ricaricando lo sketch...
ultimissima domanda così da non aprire nessun post e chiude questo invece. Posso utilizzare la corrente 12v del trasformatore del citofono per alimentare Arduino giusto?
Attached is the schematic of my circuit design. The chip there is not the L298, not exactly the L298N, but
As soon as I read that I knew it's a F**ing diagram.

Get out your pencil and draw!
Programming Questions / Re: Parsing Code Review
Last post by BulldogLowell - Today at 01:26 am
am i on the right track here?
your examples say not yet...

Pointers are actually quite simple; they consist of an address in memory and (usually) a type.  That is it.  they cannot hold any values, they are simply pointing to some address in memory and at that location there is (presumed) to be that specific type of data.

Code: [Select]
char* a;  // a is a pointer to what is expected to be a char**
**since a in this example is not initialized, it is actually pointing to some undefined location...

I think you may find this video helpful.  If not keep looking at youtube examples until you understand.

Once you see how simple it is, it will blow your mind....

Project Guidance / Re: Pick and (re)place machine
Last post by MorganS - Today at 01:25 am
They were laid out on the belt for the human operator to see many at once. The computer doesn't need this. Put them all in one narrow line and then the pusher or sorter gate is really simple to mechanic.
I'm using gentoo and I get this error whether I use the zip version of the arduino-1.8.5 ide, or if install from sources using portage. I made a post about this on the gentoo forums in addition to this one.

I emerged arduino-1.8.5 because i am trying to use the Additional Boards Manager to install the libraries necessary to program the ATtinys. I am sure there is another way to install the libraries, but I wanted to try the recommended way of installing them.

As soon as I start the arduino-ide, it starts flooding terminals and dmesg with
Code: [Select]

Message from syslogd@lekhoba at Fri Mar 23 17:03:09 2018 ...
lekhoba kernel: [ 6297.789356] do_IRQ: 2.33 No irq handler for vector

The messages stop when I close the arduino-ide

I did not have this problem when I arduino-1.0.5-r1. uname -a says
Code: [Select]

Linux lekhoba 4.15.7-gentoo-r1 #2 SMP Thu Mar 8 15:33:45 PST 2018 x86_64 Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3710 @ 1.60GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I know no irq handler for vector has to do with the computer not having code to run when a specific interrupt is detected, but I don't know why arduino even uses an interrupt! I haven't been able to find anything about arduino causing this problem in my various google searches.

Does anybody have an idea of what it could be, what I should try to find out what I can do or what is causing this? Let me know if you want more information on something.
Software / Re: escribir y guardar en la E...
Last post by Lucario448 - Today at 01:19 am
¿Probaste con un "I2C scanner"?
Posiblemente estés errando la dirección de la EEPROM.

Ya que hay dos dispositivos en el mismo módulo, entonces el "I2C scanner" debería encontrar dos direcciones. ¿Cuál es cuál? Simple: si al cabo de un segundo la lectura del primer byte cambia, es el RTC.
General Electronics / Re: Tilt Switch and 555 Timer ...
Last post by ted - Today at 01:16 am

Here is your solution - voltage regulator with EN pin, attach to it R1C1 and you done.

Watch video again min; 8:00 to 9:07. One min. timer with 3 sec dimming effect.
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