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Generale / Re: rinominare file su sd card
Last post by nid69ita - Today at 05:55 pm
Ora la domanda seguente è ... perchè ? Come mai devi rinominarlo ?  
Mi pare strano doverlo fare su un Arduino. Spiega per favore. Secondo me c'e' qualcosa nella logica del tuo programma che non va.
Deutsch / Re: FastLed und IRRemote Lib -...
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 05:55 pm
am besten ist ein zweiter µC, der kann das signal auswerten, und der andere holt die befehle zwischen den show()-anweisungen ab.
Und genau dazu ist das hier entstanden.
I get it now.Thanks :)  :)  :)
Ok, forgot to tell you that you need to change that to int main.

Not to discourage you but there will be a lot more errors.
Robotics / Re: Rubik's cube Robot solver
Last post by demirell95 - Today at 05:54 pm
Can you make a new video with only < D B > commands


There is no problem when I test the grippers one by one. But they both have problems when they work at the same time

Send the last state of the code and the last state of the python code.
I did read the link and I only understand a little. Sorry but I'm new. Can I use 4.3uf or 10uf instead of 0.1uf?
If you don't understand it, then don't deviate from what is recommended. The people who designed it DO understand, and determined those values to produce the expected output. What you are asking is for someone to justify your future failure.
General Discussion / Re: 3d printing PCB
Last post by Matthijsb00 - Today at 05:53 pm
Hello everyone,

Unfortunably the project doesn't go through. It would cost to much money, knowledge and time for us. I learned a lot from the research I did and in a couple of years I think I will try it again.

Thank you all for your help,
Displays / Re: 16x 2 LCD Display only sho...
Last post by cattledog - Today at 05:52 pm

The wire which should be going from D7 to Arduino pin 12 is not plugged into the arduino.
Can I use 4.3uf or 10uf instead of 0.1uf?
FFS no.
The 0.1uF needs to be a ceramic.

I did read the link and I only understand a little.
In that case do not argue with advice.
Sensors / Re: GPS no satellites
Last post by /dev - Today at 05:51 pm
Just follow the NeoGPS Install instructions or re-read reply #3.  All the NeoGPS source code is in a subdirectory called src.

NeoSWSerial is a typical Arduino library that you simply unzip into Arduino\Libraries directory.  That would create Arduino\Libraries\NeoSWSerial-master directory, which you can rename to Arduino\Libraries\NeoSWSerial, if you want.

If you're on Windows, you may have selected a Windows Explorer option to "Hide extensions for known file types", under View -> Options -> Change Folder and Search Options, in the View tab.
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