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"I see the Genuino 101 has onboard IMU" It has gyro and accel but for compass magnetometer is also needed.
Aahaa, thanks mate



I want to try to use a DUE to translate all the analog engine data from my V8 to be shown on my Raymarine Axoim through NMEA2000.

To do so I wanted to play a bit with the DUE and the multidevice example file.
I get this error while compiling it:

"In file included from /home/thomas/Arduino/libraries/NMEA2000_due-master/NMEA2000_due.cpp:28:0:
/home/thomas/Arduino/libraries/due_can-master/src/due_can.h:23:24: fatal error: can_common.h: No such file or directory
 #include <can_common.h>"

I added all the libraries from github which where asked for, also the due_can but without  luck.

First I tried it under Windows but there I got a lot of error due to the path to the libraries as there where wirtten / instead of \ in the pathes (if this was the reason for).

So can you help to find why it wants the can_common.h even if it not existing in the due_can libraries or what I am doing wrong?

I just choosed the example "MultiDevice" and added  the NMEA200_DUE librarie due to I want to use the Due.



I have not yet updated the docs. Collin has made some changes and it does not compile anymore and I have not had time to check those. Please remote you current due_can completely and install the one under my repositories: https://github.com/ttlappalainen/due_can

In c/c++ language one should use only /, since then code in compatible with Linux and Mac. Translator will take care of right way of pointing directories.

Also I do not any use for you to start with MultiDevice example. I prefere to use some simpler example like TemperatureMonitor.


Hi again Timo,

I soldered another MCP2562 with connections for DUE. Is it ok to post it to Kave Oy with your name?


Please send me personal message, so I'll give you address.

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