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Programming Questions / Re: [HELP NEEDED] Temperature ...
Last post by pert - Today at 06:27 pm
If you want help you need to be much more specific than "I dont really get it" and "it wont work". What exactly are the problem you're having?
Français / Re: Problème lecture MPU6050
Last post by quentin131 - Today at 06:27 pm
Salut, tu peux aussi essayer avec une autre bibliothèque que j'ai créé:

Ouvre l'exemple, et je pense que se sera une bonne base ;)

Il n'y a seulement qu'une dizaine de ligne, a toi de voir...
Software / Re: Problema con mia creazione...
Last post by Puso - Today at 06:26 pm
Ok grazie Patric_M, domani e nei prossimi giorni ci tono sù....per il momento ti ringrazio.
I'm wondering if the Arduino Mega is able to process data fast enough for this kind of application?
What's the SPI clock speed of the SPI master?

Or is there something I'm doing wrong?
We don't know because we only see a tiny part of your code. Post the complete code and we may tell better.
Yes that is the correct board, but any USB to serial works fine to be honest.
here is an idea of how i want the lights to work when sound levels from a speaker is active, in this case the FR speaker. you can ignore the colors for now, its for pure illustration reasons at the moment.

but the chaser light will consist of 9 LED's active. the first 3 will be dimmed from 15% 33% 66%, the next 3 will be full bright and the last 3 will be 66%, 33%, 15% if possible. and the color will be silver.

Did you change the baud rate of your ESP8266 to 9600? They come set for 115200 but you can't reliably use software serial at that speed so the WiFiEsp example sketches set their software serial speed at 9600. You need to send the correct AT command to the ESP8266 to change it from 115200 to 9600 before it will work with your current hardware configuration.
Software / Re: Lettura array
Last post by Patrick_M - Today at 06:25 pm
puoi cercare anche robot arm arduino e sicuramente troverai enne esempi

comunque tu sai a priori di quanti elementi sono composti gli array quindi è semplice eseguirli dal primo all'ultimo elemento al verificarsi di una condizione (fotocellula, pulsante o sensore di qualsivoglia tipo)
Deutsch / Re: Da sucht man Stunden einen...
Last post by SpaghettiCode - Today at 06:24 pm

etwas dazu lernen ist nie verkehrt. Elektronik ist bei mir ein ziemlich lange ruhendes Hobby, vor einem Jahr durch Zufall wieder damit angefangen, und irgendwann vor knapp 4 Monaten lief mir der erste Arduino über den Weg.

Anbei ein schnelles Bild von dem Teil an dem ich mich gerade versuche (6x4cm), aber der Sketch steht noch nicht.

Gruß André

I know this is a old issue..but i can't receive a payload sent for a xbee  series 1 attached a arduino, i need the code to receive that in other xbee-arduino system.
here how i created the tx  payload ( for that i have the code working fine), my problem is code to receive and translate the payloads in numbers again
where "stuff" k or y,  are temperatures from sensors,

uint8_t payload[] = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};
Tx16Request tx = Tx16Request(0xFFFF, payload, sizeof(payload));
union {
  int32_t f;
  byte b[4];
} stuff;
union {
  int32_t j;
  byte b[4];
} stuff1;

  stuff.f = k ;
  stuff1.j = y ;

  payload[0] =  1;
  payload[1] = stuff.b[0];
  payload[2] = stuff.b[1];
  payload[3] = stuff.b[2];
  payload[4] = stuff.b[3];
  payload[5] = stuff1.b[0];
  payload[6] = stuff1.b[1];
  payload[7] = stuff1.b[2];
  payload[8] = stuff1.b[3];
  payload[11] = 0  ;//just the number 0
  payload[12] =  3 ;//just the number 1


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