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I've only just become aware of the web-based development environment. It feels a bit clunky but that's partly me not being familiar with it. I like the colour coding for the text.

Id like to see some form of Auto-complete added to the editor. Something along the lines of what I see when adding/editing formulas in Excel. A great addition would be something like the 'variables' etc being auto detected by the environment then automatically added to the Auto-complete list.

Just a thought anyway.


I don't know about plans for the web editor but this has already been done for the standard Arduino IDE. You can try it out by downloading the beta version here:
you activate auto-complete by pressing Ctrl+Space.

Note that this is still in the testing phase so it's not guaranteed to be 100% ready for use. If you do try it out and encounter any problems please report them so the developers can make a fix.

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