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So this is my issue.  We had a tech that programmed 10 of these to perform a task which worked perfect.  Now he has quit and nobody else knows anything about this but we have the 10 devices he programmed.   The software is loaded on a windows laptop that he used so all that is working.   The question is if I plug in the device how can I see what is programmed on the device since we want to take a step out of the code.  Never using this before didn't know if there is a way to see what the code is doing on the device?

Thank you in advance.


Fire up the arduino IDE on the laptop and see what sketches are there.



Bring back the tech as an "outside consultant" for a couple of hours of pay.
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Fire up the Arduino and open the serial monitor: the guy might have a serial print which identifies the program name and version to help id the right one in the sketchbook.

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