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Deutsch / Re: GELÖST: Das gute alte "Del...
Last post by AxelMunshine - Today at 06:32 pm
Besten Dank...

Das mit der Toleranz werde ich gleich mal ausprobieren, klingt einfacher als meine Rechnung.

Das mit dem Potiwert geteilt durch 8 ist auch super, aber ich muss beim "map" bleiben, da ich auch einen Joystick einplane, und da muss ich den Mittelwert berechnen und einmal auch sogar eine Hälfte des ganzen Wertes negativieren. Klingt jetzt seltsam, ergibt aber Sinn.. ;)

Egal, du hast mir absolut super weiter geholfen, eben auch so, dass ich es verstehe...

Schönen Abend...
Axel Munshine
Project Guidance / Re: Seeking guidance for first...
Last post by xl97 - Today at 06:32 pm
Maybe look into a Teensy?  I seem to recall it can play more than 1 audio clip at the same time.

WAV trigger says it can -AND- mix sounds too..
on the other side receivedData[3] array is declared, which I understand is 1 element 'bigger' than data[] was.
It is. But, why? If you want to receive two bytes, you need a 2 element array to put them in.

Code: [Select]
receivedData[2]= *since there is no more data to cycle thru in the data[]
array that was received, it doesnt fill this slot, but somehow that slot has a value
of 0.  So that is why I thought it might be prefilled with 0s. 

You need to put a period after the second line. The array occupies some location in memory that had some data in it. You might get lucky and find that the data is all 0s. Or, you might find that the data is a bunch of meaningless values.
Software / Re: forma elegante per sketch
Last post by steve-cr - Today at 06:29 pm
magari potessi controllare la pompa solo con arduino!! purtroppo non è possibile.
Ma dato che questo non avviene tante volte al giorno, al massimo quattro volte, non ci faccio tanto caso al fatto di dover dare quegli impulsi"+" per sapere esattamente in che stadio sia la pompa.

Direi che questo sistema mi va bene.
il problema è sull'altra fase, ma questo l'ho ben spiegato nel post precedente.

Se è una pompa dosatrice a membrana, certo che la puoi controllare con arduino: lo faccio regolarmente.
Project Guidance / Re: Problem with a project
Last post by Paul_KD7HB - Today at 06:29 pm
You write: "the problem i am facing is when i upload and run this program, every thing runs fine but the output pin (highlighted area) has an output of 2-2.5 v (and sometimes even less). But the same pin in the next "if else" (Italic fonts) statement works absolutely fine.".

How often is your program changing the pin? You cannot measure the voltage on a pin if it is constantly being changed from 0 to 5 volts and back to 0 without using an oscilloscope. Bet you are using a DVM.

Generale / Re: Presentazioni nuovi iscrit...
Last post by CrazyHorse80 - Today at 06:28 pm
Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Angelo, in realtà ero già iscritto in questo forum con altro nick del quale non riesco a recuperare i dati...
Avevo iniziato un progetto con Arduino poi accantonato per mancanza di tempo; ora ho deciso di provare a riprendere da dove avevo lasciato.
Le mie conoscenze di elettronica digitale sono buone, con quella analogica me la cavo meno. Con la programmazione sono al livello base, diciamo, almeno per quanto riguarda Arduino.
Buona giornata!
General Electronics / Battery for solar panel
Last post by Deous - Today at 06:27 pm
I just got my 100W/18V solar panel form Renogy and I want to use it for a small circulation pump in the pond - for now. What would be a good battery choice here to make this pump run 24/7. Pump is no more than 15W 12VDC. I plan to power more devices in the future like lights, clock, weather station.
I would like to use lipo batteries but there is variety of them so good advice would be helpful.
Maybe 6S drone lipos or some with large mAh. I am not sure what feature decides about how fast battery can be charged.


Español / Re: DS3231 + MAX7219
Last post by LazerWay - Today at 06:26 pm
Gracias por responder!
Pero aún sigo sin entender como es que funciona el código de este proyecto.
Sólo necesito saber que hacer para modificar la fecha y hora, por lo demás ha funcionado muy bien
Software / Re: come sveglio arduino una v...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 06:26 pm
altrimenti fai prima a prenderti una presa tipo queste
... di sicuro funziona meglio  ;D

I have almost 200 different string inputs coming from Serial Port to which i want to compare each of them and then perform 200 different task at each conditions ,  
I know  Switch Case is the way to go but the Strings with switch case do not works ,I have read all forums but nothing so far,  So any other better suggestions ,
Sure. Make sure all the strings you are comparing to are the same length. Pad with spaces at the end if necessary.

Put the strings in an array and write code to compare each entry to the string in the serial buffer. Let your index number for the matching string become your Switch case driving number. Or make a second array of pointers to the 200 different functions and use the matching index to select the pointer you desire.

Probably other ways.


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