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Deutsch / Re: Reichweite verkürzen
Last post by SkobyMobil - Today at 11:16 am
"Wenn ich mein Arduino an einem 433 Mhz Sender anschließe wie kann ich da die Reichweite verkürzen? Die Reichweite verlängern ist klar, Antenne verlängern,  usw. aber wie kann ich die Reichweite verkürzen, auf zum Beispiel  10-20 cm?"

Wir beide spekulieren hier ja nicht. Der TO hat eine allgemeine Frage gestellt-
wir antworten darauf mit geballtem Fachwissen.

Wenn der TO sein Frage speziell zu einem bestimmten Sender stellt, dann geht
das spekulieren los- aber ohne uns.
Also, einen vergnüglichen Tag noch.
Gruß und Spaß dabei
Bar Sport / Re: roast chicken, in the micr...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 11:15 am
it was a disaster, by my view. it tasted alright, but it was splotched with pink in odd places. she thinks it was great, but i haven't the heart to tell her otherwise.
Thats uncooked chicken meat...

Tom.... :)
Project Guidance / Powering one Arduino Leonardo ...
Last post by Georgard - Today at 11:14 am
Hi all!!!

I´m new in the forum and need some advice... Looked through quite a lot in other posts, but I didn't find what I was looking for.

In my project I have two arduino leonardo ETH 2 with POE:

Righ now I have both connected by a RJ45 wire and the communication is good (when a digital read of one is activated, send a message via UDP to the other one and activate a digital output).

Now the power connection is via DC input in each Arduino. But what I want is to power one Arduino via DC input and the other via POE from the first Arduino. I mean use the RJ45 wire not only to transmit data from one Arduino to other, also to transmit power. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!
Français / Problème connectique ESP8266
Last post by JeanNayPas - Today at 11:12 am
Bonjour à tous,

Je rencontre un problème de connectique entre mon ESP8266 et mon arduino UNO (ELEGOO UNO R3), et je n'ai trouvé la solution sur aucun forum.

Lorsque je branche la pin CH_PD sur l'alim, la led rouge de l'ESP s'éteint. Résultat : impossible pour moi de recevoir de réponses de mon ESP lorsque j'entre des commandes AT dans le moniteur série ?
Auriez vous une solution ?

Voici mes branchements actuels :

VCC -> 3.3V
RST -> non branchée
CH_PD -> 3.3V
TX -> Digital Pin 2
RX -> Digital Pin 3
GPIO0 -> non branchée
GPIO1 -> non branchée
GND -> GND de l'UNO
try ArduinoHttpClient library over WiFi Link's WiFiClient. I did not use it yet, but it should work. Someone in some thread used it with WiFiEsp or WiFi Link.

Code: [Select]

 Serial.begin (57600) ;


Hi. Thanks for the heads up on this. I'll get to grips this week with my programming skills, and then maybe I'll post my code, especially if I get stuck with things. Rich
Deutsch / Re: Reichweite verkürzen
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 11:10 am
Wir haben einen x-beliebigen Sender, Betriebsspannung 5V.
Um bei diesem nun die Sendeleistung zu reduzieren, verringern wird die
Betriebsspannung um 1V.

Wenn wir GLÜCK haben, verringert sich nun auch die Sendeleistung.
Aber wir betreiben den Sender außerhalb seiner Spezifikation.
Nein, dazu braucht es kein Glück.
Aber man sollte schon innerhalb der Spezifikationen bleiben.

Fakt ist, diese einfachen Sender haben keine Spannungsstabilisation drauf und reagieren bei Verminderung der Spannung (auf ca. 3,5 Volt) mit Leistungsminderung.

Da wir aber nicht wissen, welcher Sender genutzt wird, werde ich hier auch nicht weiter spekulieren.
Project Guidance / Re: How to wire my home automa...
Last post by Kmthring - Today at 11:09 am
Umm so you mean disconnect and connect the next module in a short time for example I got 12 wifi modules and 4 of them are always connected to the central WiFi ap so I wanna take some information form the temperature sensor or anything else so I call the 4 connected chips to be disconnected and then connect to the chip i want to take data from and when it's done connect back to the main 4 chips . how much time does it take to connect and disconnect?because the chips are working all together now that we have a lot of chips each chip should try to get a chip outta WiFi and add itself to it and when it's done bring that back.Was that a lie that ESP32 runs 16 connections at a time stimulately?

Let it whenever anything happens to react but my infrared leds should always be checked to if there's cut by an object that's a person who's getting in or out so the lights will be on or off but how can I not capture the infrared, all the time and inform the chip only when it's triggered other parts of the house doesn't need 24/7 be working the temperature sensors once a 2 minute is enough and the lights sensor even less 5 minutes even is OK.

And you got into talking about the WiFi and you forgot to inform us the other prices of the other parts just mentioned wifi.tnx for the suggestions really appreciated.

Is there a websocket example available for serial1 library?

I need to post data to server every 0.5 seconds. What would you recommend for the same. POST request might not be the best solution.

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