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But it was fun!

Motors, Mechanics, and Power / Re: ir2110 problems
Last post by allanhurst - Today at 04:02 am
If you're driving a motor in one direction from 14v , why bother with a !R2110?

Just use a suitably rated logic level mosfet driven by the arduino - with a catch diode of course.

Or if you require reversing there are many H-bridge shields available.


Thanks saximus,
Sorry, I am not programmer, If you tell me what to change with what or complete detail , i would appreciate it..........

Thanks again
Don't see why that wouldn't work, on Arduino:
Code: [Select]
digitalWrite(outPin, analogRead(aInPin) > 400); // about 2V
Project Guidance / Re: weird mcufriend tft
Last post by aarg - Today at 03:53 am
Well, you seem to be redrawing the menu every time through loop(), which might happen thousands of times a second.

Code: [Select]
void loop() {


I think you will blow way past your 20km per hour speed if you do go wide open throttle. Thats 2+ horsepower!
Programming Questions / Re: New to programming. I have...
Last post by aarg - Today at 03:47 am
I looked up the "!" I think it is called an operand
Microcontrollers / Re: Arduino UNO R3 --> ATMega3...
Last post by Chris_77 - Today at 03:44 am
But does it fix Nick's "bootloader programmer" ability to burn the bootloader?
It sure seems to. That's the first part of this whole process. Unfortunately, the second part, flashing Arduino code (e.g. "Blink") to the IC remains elusive.

Code: [Select]

Type 'Q' to quit, 'V' to verify, or 'G' to program the chip with the bootloader ...
Erasing chip ...
Writing bootloader ...
Committing page starting at 0x7E00
Committing page starting at 0x7E80
Committing page starting at 0x7F00
Committing page starting at 0x7F80
Verifying ...
No errors found.
Writing fuses ...
LFuse = 0xFF
HFuse = 0xDE
EFuse = 0xFD
Lock byte = 0xEF
Clock calibration = 0x8E
Programming mode off.
Type 'C' when ready to continue with another chip ...
I don't have the answer, but I want to help. So if I read your question right you want the stepper motor to continue spinning until the button is pushed the second time? What is it doing now? I just learned that if you put
Code: [Select]
at the beginning of your code and /code "in the same brackets as the first code" it will make it easier to read. google code tag.

that's all I have good luck
Programming Questions / Re: arudini mega, cant work ou...
Last post by aarg - Today at 03:38 am
You need  to get away from trial and error and really learn the block syntax.
These two lines need braces around them to form a block for the "if":
Code: [Select]
    delay (2000);      // our work is done - pause for a while
  resetSuccess = false;
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