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Exhibition / Gallery / Re: Arduino Lightsaber
Last post by danboe70 - Today at 01:37 am
Put the MPU on some jumper wires.

(this board is set up for pixel, rgb, and string blade development)
thats how I have it at the moment. once I start including my delays things stop detecting a clash or swing
Please read the "How to use this forum" post.

What value do you get?

Post a hand drawn wiring diagram. Did you connect ground and power?

Also, always post the code using code tags, like the following (which you should try out):

Code: [Select]

void setup()
  // Initialize serial communication at 115200 baud

void loop()
  // Get and print raw accelerometer data for each axis
  int rawX = analogRead(A1);
  int rawY = analogRead(A2);
  int rawZ = analogRead(A3);
  Serial.print("X: ");
  Serial.print(", Y: ");
  Serial.print(", Z: ");
Programming Questions / Re: strcmp?
Last post by econjack - Today at 01:34 am
If you read Robin's tutorial, you should learn that only returns one character, so how can it possibly equal "LEDON" (i.e., 5 characters)? Also, sends that character when it's ready, not necessarily when you're ready. Finally, type in this program a learn how it works.
Code: [Select]

void loop()
   char message[20];
   int charsRead;

   if (Serial.available() > 0) {      // Is the Serial object sending something?
      charsRead = Serial.readBytesUntil('\n', message, sizeof(message) - 1);   // Yep, so read it...
      message[charsRead] = '\0';                        // Now make it a C string...
      Serial.print("You entered: ");                  // ...and show it

When you look at the Serial monitor, make sure the bottom listbox shows "Newline" in it and that the baud rate for the monitor matches the baud rate in your program. Once you figure out what is going on here, look at this.
Project Guidance / Re: Stumped on serial output
Last post by Power_Broker - Today at 01:33 am
There are no wires to get wrong
If you have any wires (even if it's just one), then there are wires to get wrong. I will not give any further help until you post a pic of your wiring (clear image please).
Other way around. "I" stands for Integral, which averages and calculates the long term offset. Increase Ki to reduce the long term offset, but it is not likely to be useful with a balancing robot.
Oops. I get the balancing of I and D mixed up all the time.

What were the actual values of Kp that you entered?
The code said kp=5.

One problem is that when increasing P, it goes from not balancing at all to oscillating quickly - there doesn't appear to be much in the middle.
It's ok to have quick oscillations; that's what the D is for (to quiet the oscillations down).
Programming Questions / Re: 1W LED AND SERVO
Last post by vaj4088 - Today at 01:29 am
labsei wrote (in part):

I can't connect both leds and servo in PWM.
And you still do not get it.  You can connect both LEDs and servos and use PWM, you just have to be careful what pins you choose.

Hardware / PCBWay Design Rules
Last post by SukkoPera - Today at 01:28 am
Mi sto finalmente accingendo a sbrogliare il PCB di MyTrackr con KiCad. L'idea è quella di farlo poi realizzare da pcbway, di cui si parla tanto bene e che ha ottimi prezzi.

Ora, però, mi ritrovo un po' in difficoltà ad impostare le design rules. Partiamo dal presupposto che non ho alcuna necessità particolare, e che voglio usare le dimensioni più "grandi" per non incorrere in sovrappezzi. Potreste dirmi se ho riempito i seguenti campi in modo sensato?

  • Track Width: 6 mil (= 0.1524 mm)
  • Clearance: Come sopra
  • Via Diameter: 0.5 mm (Qua non sapevo proprio che mettere!)
  • Via Drill: 0.3 mm
  • uVia Diameter: ??? (Ma non credo mi servirà)
  • uVia Drill: Come sopra

Questi sono i valori di default. Posso poi impostare delle altre dimensioni da assegnare alle varie tracce/via, ad esempio per le tracce di alimentazione ho scelto 0.5 mm.

Ha senso tutto ciò?
General Electronics / Re: HAL
Last post by Boardburner2 - Today at 01:27 am
or air-leveled films are used.  Gold is best of course.
I had some boards made as carriers  to enable to mount smt chips on to through hole for use on breadboard.

Many patterns each board which were chaap from china , (i have a board shear).

I had some which were ENIG which have also become difficiult after 2 years or so.

Gold would seem to be the best long term option but i do not know of any supplier who offers this at a reasosnable price(my usal supplier does not offer gold , only ENIG).

Best would be to buy a carrier for the chip i require online.
Do not know the relevant search terms to use though.
I can never find the right carrier for the chip i need.
Current requriement  it is for TI  4 port USB chip. I realise that it is going to be useless on a breadboard but just need a carrier to plug in to a custom PCB.
Personally, I was wondering how the OP made the jump from talking about a Hardware Abstraction Layer to solder...
I do not understand.

I have some old boards which are no longer solderaable.

Immersion tin (commonly used on home-made boards) is much thinner and less durable - it stops being readily solderable within months, IME.
This is my experience also.

The boards i have i thought to be hot air levelled with solder, not sure though now.
Hey guys,

This is my first time posting, if this is in the wrong section please forgive me (and move if necessary).  I am working on a project powered by the Uno R3.

Components I have:
  • Uno R3
  • SainSmar L293D Shield
  • Two Progressive Automations PA-07 micro linear actuators (Link)

What I am looking to do is setup the Arduino to fully extend the actuator shaft 12inches and fully retract after it fully extends.  No delay time inbetween is required.  I plan to run these actuators for 3 days straight if possible.

I have gotten one actuator to extend about 3 inches and then retract about 3 inches using the Adafruit MotorTest Example.

I hope this is enough information, if not please let me know as I would be more than happy to provide anything else!  By the way, this is what I am trying to achieve: Video  Thank you so much for any help!
Software / Re: DHT22 + DS1307 + Display 7...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 01:26 am
Bueno, entonces volvamos a la base.
Ejemplo de la librería y correlo. Y nos cuentas si funciona o no.
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