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We have had people trying to do welding control projects here in the past and the stumbling block has always been trying to cope with the interference switching such large currents generates. I have not seen anyone report a successful project.
Last post by rybredd - Today at 06:58 am
Hi everyone,
I got the temp to read in F and C  :) and the LCD is working. So my next question is how can I control a micro servo. I'm trying to have the servo at 0° when the temperature is at 75°F and above, 90° when the temperature is between 71-74°F, and 180° when the temperature is 70°F and below.
(Do you need to see the code I'm using for the thermostat?)
Project Guidance / Re: iLCD and Arduino Due
Last post by Grumpy_Mike - Today at 06:56 am
Their is something wrong with that web site, it keeps refreshing the page and sending me back to the start of the page making it almost impossible to use. I did see reference to some documentation but the page kept not being responsive to links. This is on both Safari and Firefox.

Where did you get one of these displays and what size is it?
Hi guys!
im working on a project where in i need to use a wifi module to recieve sensor data from the Arduino and post it in thingspeak server.

I purchased a Nodemcu and was able to successfully send data to the server using nodeMCU alone.

But my project requires data to be collected from a lot of sensors connected to the Arduino and sent to the server via the nodemcu.

I tried several ways using i²c bus and spi to communicate between the two but didn't work.
Can you please provide me with the code for the Arduino as well as the nodemcu which allows me to send data from the Arduino to the nodemcu just like a normal wifi module or the nodemcu recieves data from Arduino and sends it to the server.
There isn't any code.  I wrote the program 3 or 4 years ago.  I've been through 2 computers since then.  The arduino was dedicated to that purpose and until a few days ago, it was working perfectly. 

I could reconstruct it if you want; but the actual code itself is long gone.
Software / Re: Costruire una stringa
Last post by doppiozero - Today at 06:37 am
Guarda anche qui

Per stringhe complesse è molto utile
Is the neopixel library turning off interrupts while it runs? This makes it hard for anything using serial interfaces to run if the neopixel updates run too often.
Audio / Re: Read MIDI file from sd car...
Last post by Grumpy_Mike - Today at 06:25 am
only very small simple tones runs well. this cant be the true
Why not?
Trying to generate tones requires a quite a lot of processing power and memory, both in short supply on the Arduino Uno and Mega. You would have to go to a more powerful processor like the Zero, Due or Teensy 3.6 before the tones got better.

If you want to stick with a Uno or Mega then you might want to look into Mozzi libiary
Here is a video of a project you can do with it.
Please help ??!!!

I came across the fact that the main difference between UNO and Pro Mini is the operating clock. Could that be the reason why there is something wrong with the SPI communication ?

Project Guidance / Re: Feasibility: Moving target...
Last post by MorganS - Today at 06:15 am
That little stepper is going to struggle to pull a target along a long track, even if the target is just a piece of paper.

Grab a piece of the cord/string as long as you need and try to drag it along the floor, around a chair leg and back. Get some idea of how much force you need. Then convert that to torque using your desired pulley size. Then multiply by speed to get the power required.
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