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Generale / Re: Presentazioni nuovi iscrit...
Last post by AndyWall - Today at 12:11 pm
ciao a tutti sono Andrea da Padova.
ho cominciato da un mese a lavorare come elettricista.
vorrei approcciare la programmazione plc.
parto da Arduino per imparare dato che sono a zero....
Project Guidance / Re: UDP string
Last post by sterretje - Today at 12:10 pm
however, your packets have 0's which will cause problems as strstr()  looks for null terminated strings
OOPS, overlooked that :(
Hardware / Re: Display grafico abg128064a...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 12:10 pm
essendo il tuo primo post, nel rispetto del regolamento della sezione Italiana del forum (… punto 13, primo capoverso), ti chiedo cortesemente di presentarti IN QUESTO THREAD (spiegando bene quali conoscenze hai di elettronica e di programmazione ... possibilmente evitando di scrivere solo una riga di saluto) e di leggere con MOLTA attenzione il su citato REGOLAMENTO ... Grazie. :)


P.S.: Qui una serie di link utili, NON necessariamente inerenti alla tua domanda:
- serie di schede by xxxPighi per i collegamenti elettronici vari: ABC - Arduino Basic Connections
- pinout delle varie schede by xxxPighi: Pinout
- link generali utili: Link Utili
What about an infra-red break-beam sensor - just an IR LED on one side and a photo-transistor on the other side.

I second this. very easy and very cheap. One down side might be, if the lamp is in direct sunlight the IR sensor might become saturated and falsely trigger the switch. Maybe this can be figured out in code.
Storage / Re: Buffered read for audio fr...
Last post by horace - Today at 12:07 pm
could you double buffer reading the SD card?
Hi all,

I am having trouble writing the code for a continious waveform like sinus. I have 16 servos holding pictures and would like them to go up and down in a sinus.

Code: [Select]
void waveform(){
  check = 1;
  if(check==1){ //reset servo's
    for (servo = 0; servo < 16; servo++) {
      pwm.setPWM(servo, 0, servomin);
  check = 0;
  // start wave


servomin is up and servomax is down. am struggling with all sorts of FOR looops like

Code: [Select]
     for (uint16_t movement = servomin; movement < servomax; movement++) {
       pwm.setPWM(servo, 0, movement);

but no result.

thx in advance
Project Guidance / Re: UDP string
Last post by dummyload - Today at 12:06 pm
Ok Thanks again!

Perhaps I wasn't clear with my question  :o

After the string STATUS:"  there is a network ID.
I want to use this network ID.
The network ID can be random letters + numbers or - and up to 10 lenght.


byte packetBuffer[]={0x02,0xff,0x26,0x8f,0x26,0x8f,0x00,0x45,0x86,0xd9,0x53,0x54,0x41,0x54,0x55,0x53,0x3a,0x20,0x22,0x6e,0x65,0x74,0x77,0x65,0x72,0x6b,0x2d,0x69,0x64,0x22,0x20,0x22};

 its pre defined  (?) and the code looks if this ID is in the string

Website and Forum / Dead firmware link on "DFU Pro...
Last post by PieterP - Today at 12:05 pm

The AVR core was removed from the main arduino/Arduino GitHub repository, and moved to a separate repository arduino/ArduinoCore-avr.
However, the DFU Programming 8U2 page still points to the arduino/Arduino repo as the place to get the ATmega16U2/8U2 firmwares for the UNO and MEGA boards:

Download updated firmware

The latest version is here

Choose the version that is suitable for your board, either arduino-usbserial/Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex or arduino-usbserial/Arduino-usbserial-mega.hex
The new link should be

The file names should probably be changed as well, since all modern Arduinos use the ATmega16U2, not the ATmega8U2.

Français / Re: lcd +i2c
Last post by hbachetti - Today at 12:05 pm
Dans cet exemple très simple aussi, il te suffit de remplacer 0x27 par 0x3F.

Vérifie que tu n'as pas fait de pont de soudure entre deux pins.

Nederlands / Re: Amplitude en frequentie va...
Last post by Jarnovis - Today at 12:04 pm
Oke, nog even een reply op @mas zijn schema.

Het signaal wat ik krijg zonder de condensator te gebruiken is van 1.98V tot 1.5V, echter ik kan mijn volume op 0 of 100 zetten, daar reageert het niet op.

Met condensator(blauwe cap) heb ik precies het zelfde verhaal.

Heb het schema van Nico ondertussen ook gebouwd en getest, de resultaten lijken er al op(denk ik), moet nog even een Fritzing! maken en wat screenshotjes, dan post ik het resultaat.

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