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My Hexapod has an autonomous mode and remote control mode via bluetooth to android smartphone and uses adafruit pca9685. I am a bit confused to program the hexapod. Please help me if anyone can. My job is hexapod using remote control smartphone via bluetooth


You know what "My Hexapod" is and presumably you know what you want it to do. I have no idea so I can't really help. A lot more details of what you're talking about might be useful.

If it already has an autonomous mode and a remote mode it sounds as if it is already programmed. What Arduino board does it use? What other parts? If the remote mode is controlled from a smartphone do you already have the app that's needed to do the controlling?



Yes, as @Steve suggests, we need much more information from you.
Which hexapod do you have?  Links to pages with technical information help.

It is not clear what is included with your hexapod.
Does it have commercial software installed that support the autonomous mode and also an interface to your phone.  Do you have to have a particular app installed on your phone?

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