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I have and ESC with brushless motor connected to Arduino. It uses separate 12V battery as a power source, while Arduino uses USB from my PC for now. I want to measure voltage of battery in order to check its battery level. For this, I have one wire connected to + and - battery's wires through resistors, and to analog pin on arduino (I want to read voltage from this pin). My question is - what kind of resistors do I need in order to prevent Arduino from frying?

Schematic attached.

Thanks in advance.
You seem to be all mixed up with your use of the AccelStepper functions.

You just need a single call to as the last thing in loop(). It should NOT be inside any conditional tests.

Whenever you want to  move to a different filter you just need to update the absolute position the motor should move to. Suppose that filter 4 is at step 163 then  all you need is stepper.moveTo(163)

No, you can not delay the input from a sensor. You CAN ignore the input whenever you want, but the sensor is going to keep on doing what it is supposed to at its pace.

My ultrasonics sensor is connected to a DC motor.
It would be far more useful if it was connected to the Arduino.

Basically, what I want it to do is when the sensor senses an object, instead of stopping the motor right away, I want it to wait 2 seconds before sending the signal to stop the motor.
That has nothing to do with delaying the sensor. It means that the Arduino needs to read the sensor all the time, but not do anything with the information for some period of time. You could use delay() when object is detected, but that really isn't a good idea. Look at the blink without delay example to see how to do something a defined amount of time after some event happens.
Device Hacking / 128 khz rfid pass card hacking
Last post by studenti - Today at 12:01 pm
Hello, I am a student and I am living in a dorm and they use a system for enterance, we all have these 128 khz rfid card ,you pay for a month , they somehow enable your card and you can get in, at the end of the month the card is disabled and when you approach the card at the door the sensor turns red and you cant get in,if you undestood what I said my question is how does this system work how the rfi card is enabled/disabled automatically and is it a way to hack it to make always enabledd thanksss
Deutsch / Re: "Geisterinputs" Ich werde ...
Last post by chefin - Today at 12:01 pm
Deswegen hatte ich ja vorgeschlagen Öffner statt Schliesser beim Taster zu verwenden. Weil die Zeit die der Taster gedrückt ist extrem klein ist gegenüber der Zeit in der er NICHT gedrückt ist.

Störungen die eine 5V Spannung gegen Masse ziehen können bei einem Taster mit 0,05Ohm Durchgangswiderstand sind ne Klasse für sich und eigentlich in privater Umgebung nicht anzutreffen. Ein Öffner als Taster heist, das die Störung die Leistung des Netzteils übertreffen muss. Die 5V liegen an, der geschlossene Kontakt reicht sie weiter, ein gegen Minus ziehen muss also die 5V/1A oder was auch immer wegfressen.

Aber wie Franz schon sagt:

Du fragst, liest aber die Antworten nicht durch, weil du so von dir überzeugt bist und von deinem Wissen, das du lernresistent geworden bist. Für dich sind Optokoppler untauglich...was nicht wirklich ganz falsch ist, aber in deinem Problemfeld schon. Du verwendest abgeschirmte Leitung ohne zu wissen, wie eine Abschirmung eigentlich funktioniert und wann eine Abschirmung zur Antenne wird. Du verstehst nicht, was genau passiert, aber meinst alles zu wissen.

Les dir alles nochmal in Ruhe durch, denk nochmal drüber nach, probiers am besten mal aus und dann poste wieder.
Français / Re: Message avec bouton pousso...
Last post by Jambe - Today at 12:00 pm
Oui c'est possible.

Lire le tuto d'eskimon, tout est dedans:
Local Groups / Amsterdam, Netherlands
Last post by beersbetweentears - Today at 11:59 am
Is anyone in the Amsterdam area, that would like to meet up for talking about projects. Make a reply and we can exchange email?
Sensors / Re: motion sensor reads high a...
Last post by yalghareeb - Today at 11:59 am
thanks for your response. yes the black wire is the signal and its connected to the arduino pin.
General Electronics / Re: Connect Encoder PNP Open-C...
Last post by MarkT - Today at 11:59 am
You only need the pull-downs if powered from the Arduino 5V, and you only need to look at
one signal of each pair.
Programming Questions / Re: Arduino Ethernet Web Serve...
Last post by jurs - Today at 11:59 am
The device name I will use is relay1, relay2, rela3, relay4.
Four Relays I will use to turn on the Lights in 4 Rooms.

My location in Indonesia.

OK. is keeping a list of NTP servers you can use, and they will redirect your NTP requests to a suitable NTP server in your area.

As says, in Indonesia you should send NTP rqests to these servers:


I'd give it a try and test whether these four servers offer reliable NTP time services for your location.

If it does not work with time servers from Indonesia, you can always switch over to use NTP servers from other parts of the world, like USA.

On or off will be arranged according to lecture hour, for example we enter the room at 07.30 until 10.00 in the room to one then Relay1 will live until 10.00 and will Off if it exceeds that time. If we log in again at 14.00 to 17.00 then Relay1 will turn back until 17:00 and will Off if it exceeds that time. So every day time switch will be adjusted to the schedule of the lecture we take so that the light will light up when we enter the room and will Off if it indicates the time out.

Now it might become complicated with  some logical problems:

As far as I have understood you want TWO different user interfaces:

One user interface offering "toggle ON/OFF by tapping a virtual button in the web browser

And another user interface to enter "ON time" and "OFF time", changing each day for each day and each room.

I think you have to decide, which is the priority.


If you programmed a switching time from 7:30a.m. to 10:00first, and at 9:00 you enter the togglee interface and toggle the light: What do you want then?
- switching by time says: light has to be ON
- switching by toggle interface says: light has to be toggled OFF
- what do you actually want to happen, then?
- priority for "switching by time"?
- or priority for "switching by toggling the state manually"?

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