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Hi all,

This forum has essentially become over the  years a ....vault of information and reference regarding electronics, programming ,arduino etc.

I was wondering if there is an easy, efficient way to save information from the various threads to the PC for future reference.

Can always copy-paste into a text file... but this is not the best of things as images and format is lost...


I use the Firefox bowser and there is an add-on called Save Page WE that allows you to save a complete web page in a single HTML file with all the images and, if you want, all the javascript in the page. This has taken over from an add-on called UnMHT which does not work with the latest version of Firefox.

Of course, if a Forum Thread occupies several web pages you would need to save each one separately.

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I use an app on the iPad called PDF converter, part of a suite.

Converts a web page to a PDF file, such as 'Serial input Basics updated'. ;)

You can also highlight all, copy, paste into MS Word.
Clean up things then export as a PDF file.


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