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Programming Questions / Re: time alarm example
Last post by spycatcher2k - Today at 08:42 pm
Do the basic examples BEFORE going any further . . Activating pins is a basic of using the Arduino.
Thank you for the swift response.

Actually i need it from anywhere, i mean within a country, from every spot where internet connection can be found.
You are referring to cell phone service, are you not? Most other internet connections are not where cars are allowed.

Programming Questions / Re: time alarm example
Last post by spycatcher2k - Today at 08:41 pm
Serial.println("turn on at 9:00 pinMode led,HIGH;");
Code: [Select]
Serial.println("turn on at 9:00");
digitalWrite( led,HIGH);
General Electronics / Re: SIM808 DOESNT TURN ON
Last post by j_serep - Today at 08:40 pm
Can you supply a link to that board? how is it attached to the Arduino?
Doesnt matter how is it attached to the Arduino... Im using sim's tx in arduino's rx and sim's rx in arduino's tx, but whatever cause the sim808 turns on without serial connection...
Hey!  What is that yellow thing you have the servo plugged in to?
I don't think back EMF if hanging your Arduino since the Arduino is completely isolated from the motor via optocouplers (if your diagram is accurate). How do you know the code is hanging vs just a bug?
Disconnecting an inductive load can cause sparks across the relay contacts, which are basically like a klaxon horn of EM noise.

I saw one thread on here where physical proximity to his running motorcycle engine was a factor in causing malfunctions, most likely caused by radiated noise from the spark plugs.
Deutsch / Re: DuinoPeak GPS-Shield
Last post by SkobyMobil - Today at 08:38 pm
alles wird falsch angezeigt... nee, nee, nee.
Ich weiß nicht was "Fusion Tables" ist, aber kann es sein das Du im falschen Format speicherst?
Gruß und Spaß
Change your "if" to a "while"
Excellent - it worked. I'm really happy for your help. :)
Deutsch / Re: Bitte um Hilfe bei Fehlerm...
Last post by Tommy56 - Today at 08:38 pm
Das sieht nach einem Konflikt der Zeichensätze aus.
Wenn Du jetzt eine aktuelle IDE hast, dann konvertiere den Text mal in utf-8 und korrigiere evtl. die Formeln.

Gruß Tommy
Programming Questions / Re: char array problems
Last post by BulldogLowell - Today at 08:36 pm
Overly machinated? Possibly, though as the menu management code base I adopted provided a set of elegant-seeming functions for building the lcd line buffer (concatenation, copying and left and right padding) I thought that that was the best way to do it. These functions are also used elsewhere for formatting content for the lcd.
I will take a look at sprintf.
when it comes to LCD's sprintf() and its safer cousin snprintf() rock.

all your padding will be a breeze if you study the C Format Specifiers

Side note: also look at adopting the F Macro for your string constants.
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