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Everytime i login to this forum i did not see any new messages using ethe "Unread Posts", "Updated Topics" links. (i dont get the difference, either)
But there are New flagged messages in the subfolders.
Us there a way to just list all those new messages without going into each and every subforum?

Also, i did not receive any notifications by mail, even if i setup everything to do so. I've changed my mailaccount a while ago, but also changed it in my profile settings here.


Updated topics are threads that you have replied to that have had new posts since you last read them.

Unread posts are threads that you have read but not posted in that have had new posts since you last read them.

I just started to see an example of that today, although I have suspected this happens occasionally.

You need to go through the link on the notification email or you will not get any further notifications.

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