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Hardware / Re: Proyecto mini CNC, ayuda/r...
Last post by greur - Today at 11:08 am
Amigo, estas planteando mal el tema tienes que actuar mas profesional; debes mostrar las imágenes o los esquemas de los circuitos que estas utilizando, que no somos adivinos.
También debes cuidar el lenguaje la palabra "void" significa "vació o carente de". que quieres decir con los "void que describí".
Français / Re: Problème d'utilisation de ...
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 11:07 am
C'est indenté avec les pieds et pas dans la balise de code mais il semblerait que vous ne changiez pas la valeur de compteur une fois qu'il a atteint 0 dans le premier while...

Votre truc avec millis() est bizarre aussi, première fois vous utilisez une variable et une constante et ensuite directement millis() et une valeur littérale dans le code (alors que vous aviez défini tempo2 pour cela)... ça fait moche
Website and Forum / Re: Limit the length of user n...
Last post by pert - Today at 11:05 am
Unfortunately that issue got sidetracked onto the use of email addresses as user names. Although that will tend to cause the problem simply because email addresses are usually long, the problem is certainly not restricted to email addresses. So, IMHO, the disallowance of email addresses as usernames should not have been considered a valid reason to close that issue as fixed.
Français / Re: Initialisation d'une valeu...
Last post by kamill - Today at 11:04 am
Oui, car dans le constructeur d'une class, on peut faire appel au constructeur des class incluses.
Français / Re: AQUABOUN'S /// GESTION D'A...
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 11:02 am
Apk program send to high voltage  on state and screen light
flashing this problem for me because relay modul low level activated.
You still use software but invert the signal before it gets to the pin. If needed in the libiary that drives the pin if that is the case. It is not difficult, there will be a digital write somewhere in the code, simply swap out a one for a zero. Or if thre is a variable being written just invert it by putting a ! In front of it if it is a Boolean variable or if it is a numeric variable by exclusive ORing it with 1. The symbol for exclusive OR is ^
Project Guidance / Re: Adapting a sketch - dairy ...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 11:00 am
This sounds like something that could be done by an Arduino in the hands of someone with suitable knowledege and experience. For someone without knowledge of electrics, electronics and programming it sounds like it would be the equivalent of learning to swim as your boat sinks in the middle of the Atlantic.

Another important thing to consider - even if you do get it to work who will be able to maintain it if you are not available due to vacation or illness?

These are some of the reasons why commercial systems appear expensive at first sight.

My main recommendation is "pay for a professional repair or replacement system"

IMHO there is zero chance of getting your system to work by modifying existing programs - even if you could find some code that provides a starting point - unless you (and preferrably a colleague working with you) acquire sufficient programming skills so that you would not really need any code to start from. There are just so many small ways in which your system will be different that you will get tied up in knots.

If you do want to pursue this project my suggestion is to start by identifying small features within your project and learning how to do each of them on its own. There is a wide range of examples with the Arduino IDE and I suspect most parts of your project will be covered by them. This will likely take several weeks of part time study.

You will also need to learn how to interface your real-world equipment to the Arduino.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.

Planning and Implementing a Program
Roger that, thanks
Project Guidance / Re: if else if works sort of
Last post by 6v6gt - Today at 10:55 am
An 'else' statement at the end (without an 'if' or any of those conditions) would be executed if none of the previous conditions were met.


Code: [Select]
else {
    digitalWrite(DGPin, LOW);     
    digitalWrite(DYPin, LOW);   
    digitalWrite(HGPin, LOW);     
    digitalWrite(HRPin, LOW);   

and see what happens.
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