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The following values are set in PORTH and DDRH registers of Atmega 2560.


All the pins of Port H are connected to GND or 0 volts. If the values in PORTH and PINH registers are read, what will be the values?


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DDRH=0xFF;   Makes all PORTH pins OUTPUTs, PORTH=0xFF; makes all PORTH pins HIGH, if you connect a pin to GND it will be a SHORT CIRCUIT, and probably BURN OUT the pin!


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@sanjithkumar -- OP
This post is the pictorial version of Post#1 (hopefully!), and it is shown only for one port-pin (Bit-3 of Port-H). Hope that you will be able to find the answers of your questions from this post and Post#1. We will be glad to hear your answers in your next post in this thread.

Figure-1: Port-H structure with short circuit fault at Pin-15

Can you compute the level (how much) of fault power at Pin-15 of ATmega2650 of Fig-1?

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