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Arduino Due / Re: Arduino Due : Problem to u...
Last post by ard_newbie - Today at 05:31 am
If you can upload a sketch (Blink sketch from the example sketches) and the sketch runs properly when connected to the Native USB port but not when connected to the USB Programming Port, IMO there is a good chance that the Atmel 16U2 on the board has not been programmed properly by the board manufacturer.

Ask a refund to the board reseller. BTW, this is not a frequent issue with clone boards.

FYI, if you want to upload a correct program in the Atmel 16U2, follow these tutorials:

Plus, add logic level shifters between, for example an UNO as ISP (5V compliant), and the DUE (3.3V compliant).

I decided to go take a look after a nagging memory after reading this,

I think you must make up your mind as to what you need. Do you need the boot loader? The only thing it provides is a means to upload via USB. If you use ICSP for the upload, why do you still have a need for the boot loader?

It's not like a choice is necessary.

Without a bootloader that locks flash it is possible to write to flash at runtime. There is one bootloader that allows that that I know of, haven't used it YET but I am interested.
No wires to scale only +5v and 0v to ttl side of converter.

Measure voltage:

DB09      pin 5 to pin 2
DB09      pin 5 to pin 3

DB09      pin 5 to ttl pin 4  (was 5v)

DBO9 Pin 5 to Pin 2 : Around -9v
DBO9 Pin 5 to Pin 3 : Around 0.02v ie. 0v
DB09 Pin 5 to TTL Pin 4 : 5v

Thanks @larryd

Do guide me, what to do next.
Software / Re: Cargué este código en mi A...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 05:17 am
Bien, entonces aclarado el punto veamos que le pasa.
Pero entonces aporta bien los enlaces de cada librería que usas porque para repeetir tu caso tenemos que tener todos los enlaces . (usa etiquetas por favor).
Hardware / Re: Control de 8 reles ssd med...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 05:13 am
No sabes que son conexiones ortogonales? Es que forman ángulo recto.

Este dibujo tiene conexiones ortogonales, es decir cada conexión sigue linea recta y si cambia de dirección lo hace a 90 grados.

Y esto es el mamarracho que no debes dibujar.

Y para colmo, es un tutorial del mismo Fritzing

Otro ejemplo bien hecho

mal hecho

Programming Questions / Re: Working ESP32 Ping?
Last post by pert - Today at 05:10 am
Please don't cross post.

Duplicate posts can waste the time of the people trying to help. Someone might spend 15 minutes writing a detailed answer on this thread, without knowing that someone else already did the same in the other thread.

In the future, take some time to pick the forum section that best suits the topic of your question and then only post once to that forum section. This is basic forum etiquette, as explained in the sticky "How to use this forum - please read." post you will find at the top of every forum section. It contains a lot of other useful information. Please read it.
Programming Questions / Re: The correct LWIP library? ...
Last post by pert - Today at 05:08 am
Done everything:
According to those lists, you didn't do either of the two things I told you to do.

I told you to uninstall the git installation of ESP32 core you did. That type of installation is not located in "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Arduino15". It is located in {sketchbook folder}/hardware. You can find the location of the sketchbook folder in the Arduino IDE at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

I told you to install version 1.0.0 of ESP32 boards via Boards Manager. Since you didn't say which version you installed, I have to assume you installed the default version 1.0.1.

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