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Hi All!

A little intro- I work for an Interior Design company and our focus is mostly retail design. We have a big project coming up and, lately, we have been very interested in the idea of putting interactive art into our spaces. We found some info on this very cool motion activated wall installation that reacts to human movement but, unfortunately, it is a conceptual project at the moment and there are no existing displays like it (that we could find).

I have done a little bit of research (as I said before, I know nothing about this kind of stuff) and it seems like we need some PIRs, an Arduino (but which one?) and a Servo to actually create the motion. Beyond that, I'm pretty lost. I know that there's some coding that will need to be done as well but, for now, the main questions we have are- Is this even possible to create? How hard would it be to assemble (not including the coding)? Does anyone have recommendations for someone that might be able to set this up for us? We are located in Southern California, if that helps.

Any advice, knowledge or other would be greatly appreciated!




well, not PIR, too large and not specific to place. (your in or not)
it use a blob detection with video camera (or a microsoft kinect) and vvv some thing like that to detect mouvement and place in space.
after there is a lot of servos (2 by panel one for x rotation, one for y rot) and therefore lot of multplexer to pilot each servo, i suppose a robust power, and a computer to read video, decode, an pilot servo via custom software...

see audiance from chris o'shea

good luke



Thanks so much for the helpful information and link!

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