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What "runtime problems"? Being specific helps as we cannot read minds.

Are you sure you are not confusing decimal and hex numbers? If the cases are supposed to be in number order with no gaps, then 0x09 is followed by 0x0a (decimal 10), not 0x10 (decimal 16).

Tip: it always helps to use the 'default' in a case to signal an error if you are not expecting out of bounds cases. This will greatly help your debugging.
Try China based. Website is easy to use, prices are low, and quality is good. Be prepared for a long ship time, and a significant time zone / work difference.

Unfortunately you can't make 1 or 2. You have to make 5 minimum. But when you consider that the difference between making 5 and 10 might amount to as little as a couple of dollars, and their prices already being rock bottom, consider doing it anyway. Unless its huge (like a PC motherboard), I don't think you'll find anyone that will make just 1 for you. And if you do, I can pretty much guarantee the cost will be much much higher than making 5 at a place like PCBWAY.
There's no 10 case limit so you must have done something wrong in your code.  Go read the "How to use this forum" sticky at the top of any of the boards so you learn to post code right and then come post a complete program that can compile and exhibits the problem.  If you don't know what the problem is then don't pretend to know which portion of the code we would need to see to find it. 
Hey guys, I build this library called SLIC for inter-micro controller communication over a single wire.

SLIC is a single line(/wire) hardware independent half duplex asynchronous communication protocol.
By hardware independent I meant, its purely software based and you could theoretically run this on any GPIO pin.

This basically solves 2 problems:

1. Now inter-micro controller communication is possible for all those cheep micro-controllers with no inbuilt dedicated hardware setup for communication.

2. It just uses a single wire and could interface multiple nodes with that wire..(like I2C).

I wish to hear your opinion about the same...

You can find the library here:
Lets all remember as we're "coaching" a newcomer about graphic images, that posting an image on this forum is much more difficult than it should be. The icon to post an image requires a URL.  Yes there are tutorial on how to do it but its a bit discouraging to someone who just wants to show a diagram.

For the OP,   here is a link to an explanation of the multi step process to display an image in a post. If it seems like a pain, you are correct. But its what we have to live with, unless you already have your diagram posted somewhere online.
Español / Re: mi LCD 12x2 no enciende
Last post by surbyte - Today at 04:30 am
Los LCD tienen un preset normalmente azul con el que puedes ajustar el contraste. verificaste girándolo?

Comparto la opinión @Mikms que deberías explicarte con algún mayor detalle y tal vez una foto o un enlace que muestre cual es tu LCD y como esta conectado. Ni hablar del código porque es todo un conjunto de cosas que debe estar afinado para que funcione.
Hello guys, I'm doing a project of a weigher packer, and i'm having problems in Switchs/cases, Less than 10 cases i have no problem. But if i do more I have runtime problems..

   if(digitalRead(select) && t_select)                  //But select ?
   {                                                    //If yes
        t_select = 0x00;                                //clean the flag
           case 0x01: menu50g(); break;           
           case 0x02: menu100g(); break;
           case 0x03: menu150g(); break;
           case 0x04: menu200g(); break;
           case 0x05: menu250g(); break;
           case 0x06: menu300g(); break;
           case 0x07: menu350g(); break;
           case 0x08: menu400g(); break;
           case 0x09: menu450g(); break;
           case 0x10: menu500g(); break;
           case 0x11: menu550g(); break;
           case 0x12: menu600g(); break;
           case 0x13: menu650g(); break;
           case 0x14: menu700g(); break;
           case 0x15: menu750g(); break;
           case 0x16: menu800g(); break;
           case 0x17: menu850g(); break;
           case 0x18: menu900g(); break;
           case 0x19: menu950g(); break;

Thanks everyone!
Software / Re: Arduino WIFI con ESP8266-0...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 04:24 am
En tu código no veo nada que lea datos HTML!!

Te falta un, algo asi:

Code: [Select]
char c =; // read 1 byte (character) from client
                HTTP_req += c;  // save the HTTP request 1 char at a time
                // last line of client request is blank and ends with \n
Displays / Re: LCD compatibility
Last post by enjoyneering - Today at 04:22 am
Try this encoder library -
Hi terryking,

Ok, I understood. So I will try to get this diode. Thanks a lot!!!

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