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I have tried to find an answer to my question, What is the status of the Arduino Yun and What is the status of Linino?

The 3 Yun which I have are all arduino.org and running linino.

The Yun Shield is arduino.cc.

Since Arduino is all back under one roof and doghunter and linino are no longer involved, where does that leave the 3 Yun? Will we be able to switch of OpenWRT? I have serious reservation about using Linino since the person who controls linino.org domain is no longer involved with Arduinio in any way.

I do not need the Yun "bricked"

Does the Arduino Yun have a future?




I have just noticed this.

doghunter.com domain is listed as for sale

linino.com is now a blank page.

We will have to wait and see just what this exactly means for the Arduino Yun and Tian.

I will not speculate on these developments.


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