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Title: Atmega8 Asuro robot kit
Post by: beltran on Mar 09, 2006, 03:27 am
farnell is offering at a "special" price (41?)
a robot constructing kit based on the Atmega8

the cool thing is that it has and Infrared programming interface, so that you don't need to connect it to the pc to programm it, and you can "wirelessly" command it too...can't wait to do that ;-)

I dont' know if this farnell offer is available in all countrys, but if you have an italian friend or a postal address in italy you can solve the problem.

I bought it, but my 5? welder isn't enough for this :-) I need to buy a soldering station...
any good hints? any cheap but good soldering station you can suggest me?

happy robot building