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Title: BlinkM MaxM for two-tone ambientlight (RGB-LED)
Post by: sringeri on Oct 12, 2012, 09:28 pm

I am using the great BlinkM MaxM for my two-tone ambientlight:
It changes its colors during the day and night.

On the I2C at the Arduino I have connected:
- 2x BlinkM MaxM
- 1x RTC

Everything works fine with two RGB-LED-Cluster (4,2W each).
But when connecting RGB-LED-Stripes (14,4 W each) my Arduino freezes! Not instantly, but after a while. Sometimes after an hour and sometimes after a few minutes. Every single BlinkM MaxM should be able to deliver up to 24W (2A x 12V), I am connecting only 14,4 W.

Has anybody an idea to solve the problem?

I am really distressed, because I like my new light very much. But it really needs more power, more brightness. Please help me.

Thank you very much,
Title: Re: BlinkM MaxM for two-tone ambientlight (RGB-LED)
Post by: mvsopen on Sep 10, 2014, 05:16 am

How are your MaxM's connected to the Arduino? Are you powering only the "master" side from the Arduino with 5 volts going to to the LED's (the "blaster" side) from an outside source, or is the entire thing plugged only into the Arduino? The MaxM's data sheet states that due to current consumption, you can't really run a MaxM and the LED's directly off the Arduino.

Here's a link for the datasheet from SparkFun: (