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Title: Autonomous Events at Robotix 2013, IIT Kharagpur
Post by: githinkgp on Dec 17, 2012, 06:40 pm
Interested in electronics, programming, microcontrollers or robotics? Find them all under one roof in ROBOTIX 2013, the annual technological extravaganza presented by Technology Robotix Society, to be held during 1 - 4 February 2013 as a part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. With challenging and innovative problem statements designed to test your robot building and programming skills to the fullest, and a substantial bounty up for grabs, we present the autonomous events of ROBOTIX 2013. Stand back and applaud as your autonomous robots tackle our problem statements. Are you up for the challenge?

Lumos : No guides - no lines or walls or objects to look to. The only way forward is to perceive the luminosity of sources scattered around the arena, in an attempt to switch off as many as possible before time runs out. Read more details at or watch a 3D simulation at

A.C.R.O.S.S. : Build two autonomous robots that communicate and collaborate with each other to cross a series of chasms (Gaps that the robot will encounter in its path).  Read more details at or watch a 3D simulation at

Feeling lost already? Check out our extensive tutorials and Do it Yourself (DIY) guides :

Lumos(Tutoral)      :
Lumos (DIY Link) :

Across :

Interested in participating? Simply register online for the above events at to receive future updates.