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Title: LiPo power for your Esplora
Post by: TheKitty on Jan 18, 2013, 03:53 am
The Esplora was not really designed for battery power.  In the last two weeks I have used an Energizer "cell phone" backup battery into the USB port.

The more elegant solution is using a rechargeable LiPo battery. But this will not put out the 5 volts the Esplora needs.  This is where an Adafruit Mintyboost works well to boost the 3.6 volts from the battery circuit boosts to 5 volts.

To feed the voltage in, I put it into the Tinkerkit output pins rather than the USB to create a lower profile and free the port for programming.  Be careful not to have both connected at the same time.

Full details on how this was done are at (

The project also adds an XBee radio that communicates via the two Tinkerkit digital pins which map to Arduino IDE digital pins 3 and 11.  The only two free pins to play around with if you use a display.


Title: Re: LiPo power for your Esplora
Post by: Knokdown on Feb 19, 2014, 06:43 am
But aren't Lithum Polymer batteries dangerous?  :smiley-roll-blue: