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Title: Access denied to upload files in Micro SD card - Arduino YUN
Post by: camilo1012 on Oct 20, 2013, 04:36 pm
Hi guys, i have a problem when upload the sketch "TemperatureWebPanel" via WiFI, in the IDE says: "alerta: Problem accessing board folder /www/sd", so I can not upload html files to the MicroSd.

I read this tutorial and I have put the MicroSD in the socket, but still have not managed to solve this problem.

I have Dealt With All possible commands:
Code: [Select]

ls -la /mnt /mnt/sda1 /www
chmod -R g+rw /mnt/sda1
dmesg | tail
chmod -R g+w /www /mnt

i try to release the required permissions to read /write in / mnt/sda1 but When wanting to test the file "text.txt touch" throws me this error: "touch: text.txt: Input / output error". Now If That is not really a problem if my plate or a permissions problem.

Also I have tried creating the directories in the microSD / arduino / www, but sige throwing me the error, "Problem Accessing board folder / www / sd
"In the Arduino IDE. Really now what to do, please help!

Thanks c: