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Title: Auto save after compiling program.
Post by: Roboteernat on Dec 16, 2008, 01:44 am
Hi, i know its simple as to press save, but i honestly believed this programming environment would auto save when you compile a program like it does with my other programmes i use, but alas tonight to my horror, it does not lol.  :(

I think it should be possible to have the option to make it alert you every time you compile to save - like a check box in the options to check if you want it to ask you if you want to save or not.

I think this should be the case:

Check box (ask to save after compile)

The user then has the option to have it ask you to save each time - great for those that forget easily, and those that dont can have it switched off.

my coding experience says to me that it is just a few lines to creat the new text bok window,
so maybe an interesting idea?


Nat :D ;D