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Title: Resistor Board v1.0
Post by: arduino5 on Jan 04, 2015, 01:27 pm


I think 1 of the most used components in any design is Resistors. The right Resistance is important.

So i thought if you want to measure in/out and min/max resistance it would be great if you had a board that let you step up and step down the resistance on the fly.

Taking anywhere from 220v (unsafe) down to 0.1v of input. 3 of these boards could be used to measure the resistance for the perfect RGB LED. But even 1 board is enough.

They can be put in serries by connecting the edges with jumpers (e.g. for RGB LEDS). Its said that you can also use 1 board to save costs.

Anyways, i was hoping for some reviews. I suppose we would be looking at anything from $10 to $20 for this board.

I would make this myself if it doesnt go into production, but i thought i might as well look into production.

Also, since im no engineer, can anyone confirm this board is sound? (Check PCB) files are attached. I wrote the guys at SparkFun to see if they like to take this into production...

-Edit- So the board has male and female headers for multimeter or other "hooks". The diode is to prevent kick-backs or voltage mixing incase you want todo something un-thought off.
Alternatively we could maybe look into kickstarter? But im not sure if its worth the effords...?

Title: Re: Resistor Board v1.0
Post by: arduino5 on Jan 05, 2015, 01:11 pm

This had 30+ views. I am just curious why there is no replies? Even if your not interested i wouldnt mind to know about it. Any feedback is feedback...

Title: Re: Resistor Board v1.0
Post by: arduino5 on Jan 05, 2015, 05:44 pm
Ok, so i been doing some research and had quotes made here and there.

Average price im getting is between $5 and $10 for production of this board.
Do need to take 500 to 1.000 units to get that price.

Title: Re: Resistor Board v1.0
Post by: westfw on Jan 06, 2015, 11:45 am
The right Resistance is important.
Actually, I hardly ever fiddle around with resistors.  I've got a bunch of 1k resistors for current limiting and bunch of 10k resistors for pullups, and that's usually sufficient.  (If not, I did get one of those "5 pieces of every value" sets.)  (and the truth is a bought some "partial reels" off of eBay, so my "10k resistors" are actually something like "9.1k 1%")

Feedback-wise, if you're using pots for each resistor value, you might as well do proper powers of two, so that you can just put a binary number on the switches and have the value be exactly that (or 10x or 100x that.)

The values shows are pretty useless for LEDs, which will usually be wanting a value significantly less than 1k.

Reorganize the board to be 50x50mm, and it will be a lot cheaper to have made.

You may have re-invented the "resistor decade box"; a popular tool of yore (and still available at much higher prices than your PCB will yield...)

Title: Re: Resistor Board v1.0
Post by: ron_sutherland on Jan 06, 2015, 06:08 pm
Sparkfun has a decade box (kit), which I have looked at but don't need. (