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Title: Starter kit, 3 x screws to attach to base
Post by: Nick501 on Feb 21, 2016, 12:44 pm
This has been covered before, but whatever screws may be found in the electronics bag don't appear to be designed for this task. 

It is a shame, because I am very impressed by the completeness and quality of the kit, but stumbled at this first hurdle.  I'm buying several more for my students.

I found that short M3 bolts with nuts work well, with the bolts tightened just finger tight.  But I had to go out and buy these separately.  (After all, the screws in the electronics bag may be required for a later project! - I don't know.)

Great kit.  P.S. Fig 2, p22 of the manual is completely incorrect regarding electric current.
Title: p 22 Figure 2 - correct but poorly formatted
Post by: schudogue on Mar 19, 2016, 02:41 am
Figure 2 shows a simple parallel circuit: 5 volt sends current through wire 1 which branches to wires 2 and 3 ( each having an LED).  Wires 2 and 3 rejoin at wire 4 which connects to ground.

The caption accurately states:

"The current at (1) = current at (2) + current at (3)  =  current at (4)"

But it is formatted to the width of the picture so that on the first line you read:

"The current at (1) = current at (2)"

The NEXT LINE continues

"+ current at (3) = current at (4)"

Taken independently, each line is nonsense, but as a single sentence, they correctly describe current in a parallel circuit.