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Title: Jimmie Rogers LoL shield with Sparkfun's Spectrum Shield...VU meter sketch.
Post by: fredolivas on May 23, 2016, 06:16 am
Good evening all from California.
I have connected my Charlieplexed LoL shield (working) on top of the Spectrum Shield (Sparkfun) onto an Arduino Leonardo.  I also have a Uno and Duemilenovo (sp?).
I have just assumed that someone has developed a sketch which, when the shields are coupled, one could get a "way cool" VU meter.  I've searched for hours and have come up blank.
Can anyone point me towards a working sketch?  Instructables looks interesting but it doesn't include the Spectrum Shield.  I believe someone has already tackled this project but where is it?
Kindest regards for your help.