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Title: ArduinoJson 5.13.0 is out!
Post by: BenoitB on Jan 19, 2018, 04:06 pm
I just released a new version of ArduinoJson (, a library to serialize and deserialize JSON documents.

This new version brings a few improvements concerning the duplication of strings.

New rules for string duplications

When a program adds a string, ArduinoJson stores it differently depending on the type of the string.

In previous versions, ArduinoJson stored a pointer when the string was a plain old C string (char*, const char*, char[]), but stored a copy when the string had any other type (String, Flash strings...).

ArduinoJson 5.13 changes the rules: now, only const char* are stored with a pointer, all other string types are duplicated, which greatly simplifies our programs.


Since older versions stored char[] strings with a pointer, we used to see curious behavior when adding strings in a loop. To prevent ArduinoJson for storing the same pointer (an thus the same string) several times, we had to call JsonBuffer::strdup() (

Code: [Select]

JsonArray& array = jsonBuffer.createArray();
for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {
    char buffer[16];
    sprintf(buffer, "iteration %d", 0);
    array.add(jsonBuffer.strdup(buffer)); // <- need to duplicate :-(

Thanks to the implicit duplication of char*, we can simplify this program to:

Code: [Select]

JsonArray& array = jsonBuffer.createArray();
for (int i=0; i<3; i++) {
    char buffer[16];
    sprintf(buffer, "iteration %d", 0);
    array.add(buffer); // <- implicit duplication :-)

Improvement to RawJson()

RawJson() is a special function to insert raw JSON fragments in a JsonArray ( or a JsonObject (

In previous versions, RawJson() only accepted const char* as an argument; now, in ArduinoJson 5.13, it also accepts String objects and Flash strings too.

But there is more: strings marked with RawJson() obey to the same duplication rules as other strings.

Here is an example:

Code: [Select]

JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
root["coord"] = RawJson(F("{\"lat\":48.74801,\"lon\":2.293491}"));

Bye bye strdup()

The new rules for string duplication make JsonBuffer::strdup() ( useless.

In ArduinoJson 5.13, JsonBuffer::strdup() ( is flagged as deprecated, so you'll have a compilation warning if your program uses it.

I'll probably remove the function in a future release, so I encourage you to update your programs.

How to get ArduinoJson 5.13.0?

You can download this new version from the Arduino Library Manager (

If you don't use the Arduino IDE, you can download the single header version (

As usual, you can try the library on

* JsonParserExample (
* JsonGeneratorExample (
Title: Re: ArduinoJson 5.13.0 is live!
Post by: robtillaart on Jan 19, 2018, 06:51 pm
Thanks for sharing!