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Title: Arduino to Arduino Via Soft-AP
Post by: hobbistintraining on Feb 20, 2018, 06:37 pm
I have two Feather MO Wifis with the ATWINC1500 chip set. I want to configure it so that they can send data back and forth between the two of them with out needing to connect to a router. So I have one of them configured using the WIFI101 AP_simplewebserver example and it seems to be working. However I can not seem to get the other Feather Mo Wifi to send any sort of data. I was trying to use the WifiWebClientRepeating sketch but it keeps throwing the error connection failed every half a second or quicker even though the posting interval is set to 10 seconds.
I am able to just use the wifiwebclient example to pull the Arduino info from the web without any problems, so I know the problem isn't hardware.

Any help is appreciated!