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Title: New MKR fox - no connexion - endPacket 62
Post by: Arnodb on May 04, 2018, 12:06 pm

Ordered a sigfox board a month ago and finally have a bit of time to try it out but now wondering if it does not have a default and if it is working.

Had a bit of trouble connecting it to the computer using USB but it ended up working, got the ID and PAC of the board, registered on SigFox backend. 

Now been trying since yesterday to send a message to SigFox but nothing is ever transmitted. Coverage should not be a problem according to the sigfox backend (Middle of Belgium, near Brussels).  I tried from my house, then moved in the garden, at different places in my street and then decided to take the car to try different places around where I live.

Some times the onboard orange led will blink when trying to send a message. Some times it does nothing, sometimes it stays on and sometimes it slowly fades in and out rather than blink.  When this happens, I can not close the Serial monitor until I unplug the board from the USB port.

I logged the return value from SigFox.endPacket() which, according to documentation should be 0 or 1 but I constantly get "62" as a return value.  Does anyone know what the "62" mean as I can not find information on the Web? 

I must have tried 100 times, keep getting "No transmission" (code 62),  status(SIGFOX) is "OK" and status(ATMEL) is "PA OFF"...

The only idea I got left is what some people seem to have done: open up the plastic casing of the antenna to re-solder the connectors.  But that would probably void the warranty on the antenna so... Could code "62" mean an antenna problem ?

Thanks everyone for your help or infos !

Title: Re: New MKR fox - no connexion - endPacket 62
Post by: Arnodb on May 12, 2018, 10:54 am
Allright, had to come back to say I got it working fine now!

Had to put it in the back of my garden (where it'll end up going anyhow) and got transmission going fine using some other code than the first example provided.

Opened the antenna casing to check the soldering and connections but all was fine there.

Still don't have a clue where the '62" code comes from but I now suspect it might have to do with needing to create a downlink callback on the SigFox backend.

Cool board anyhow.  Am now transmitting info a couple of times per hour and it works really well.