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Title: Power Distribution
Post by: chona1171 on Dec 29, 2018, 09:12 pm

I am working on a project using Wemos Mini D1 wireless boards and Doppler radars to detect movement for security purposes, I have coded my device to send a signal to a restfull web service I coded in C# to log and alert movement in zones that they are placed, this works 100% and I have designed and 3d printed enclosures for the units.

My big problem is how to power them , and neatly lay cable power cables in a cost effective and efficient way so I dont have to place plugs with 5v dc cellphone chargers everywhere, I would like to place each unit against a window to face the outside and I need to place 4 units at the front and 4 units at the back of the house, each unit will be spaced approx 10 meters apart.
Title: Re: Power Distribution
Post by: wolframore on Dec 30, 2018, 01:47 pm
First calculate the total current needed and build in a safety factor. Then you can use one power supply (I'm assuming 5v) rated for the power needed and  run a main line (again rated for full power) and hook them up in parallel. Two wires running the entire circuit and then two wire branches at each device.

In some situations it might be easier to power locally with your small power supplies.