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Title: [THSF] Toulouse HackerSpace Factory - 27-29th May 2011 - Toulouse, France
Post by: peeloo on May 05, 2011, 11:02 am
Hi all,

We're glad to invite you to Toulouse HackerSpace Factory, a hacker festival made by Tetalab. (

Schedule: (

Hope you can join!




When ?

27/28/29 Mai 2011

Where ?

Tetalab / Mix'Art Myrys Toulouse / FR

What's that ?

In a handful of words, it's a gathering that mixes people with various cultural and technical skills, around the creative use of technologies, its assimilation and understanding, and the issues that they raise.

Anything else to add ?

At the beginning, there were the hackerspaces, more or less established laboratories, for anyone who wants to build projects related to science, technologies, digital art or much more. This meeting is an occasion for these people to share their ideas and experiences with all others.

Great ! What's on the menu ?

Conferences, workshops, concerts and performances!!
There will be about 10 different talks on subjects as various as DIY, legal hacking, alternative social networks and other weird topics... But not only! You're invited to workshops where you can build, hack, tinker with your own creations and learn stuff too! Lecturers are coming from all over France, but also from Italy and Spain.
Artistic performances, video mapping, installations and concerts: all the ingredients for a tasty artistic hacking jam!

Who's behind all this ?

Mix'art Myrys (famous and historic artistic venue) and Tetalab (Toulouse based hackerspace) are joining forces to create a rich and surprising event !

How much does it cost ?

Free as in free beer ;-)