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Title: Inaccurate Sampling Rate when using interrupt on arduino MKR
Post by: shengping on Apr 20, 2019, 03:47 am

I am doing project about sending a signal onto DAC port at fixed speed. but I get problem now, could anyone help me? Thanks in advance. there is my problem below:

I set a timer before entering interrupt, and set other timer behind finishing interrupt using millis(),  and make the interrupt run  certain times say 1000 or 24000 or more, and  write 1 value onto DAC port every time , . So the real sampling rate is equal to( the difference between two timer)/ the certain time(ms).

So when I test sampling rate in certain condition.

Setting the sampling rate on Arduino 2400 and let the interrupt run 24000 times, and  write 1 value every time onto DAC port. So I get the difference between two timers is 10113ms, so the real sampling rate is 2400/10113 *1000 =  2373

so the real value 2373 is different from 2400 which I set before, could anybody know why this difference happens and how could I solve the difference?

also I attach my code  about the interrupt below, Thanks again.