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Title: Connect Audio Interface and Iphone using arduino as bridge
Post by: Fabrizio_G22 on Aug 28, 2019, 03:18 am
Hi all

I was taking a look at the pedalino project (link below) that uses arduino to make a MIDI BLE foot controller and, since i already have a USB sound card I thought about mixing 2 projects in one and get a fully functional stompbox that has  BLE midi controller for the effects and also it's able to power the sound card and re-route the digital audio signal to an iPhone or PC

The pedalino Project can be found here  (

and what i'm trying to achieve with the arduino 2560 from the Pedalino project (or any other arduino midi ble project) is this:

Youtube Video explaining the connection (

using this

Basically the arduino would be used to replace the above cable and send power to the Sound Card while sending the audio to the Iphone/Ipad/PC through a USB cable. I don't want to rely on that cable while i can use any lightning/USB or USB/USB cable while saving money and space putting all the necessary elements in the same enclosure

Hardware information

Apple adaptor (

Behringer Audio Interface (|en))

Any ideas are welcome and for all those who got to the end, thank you for reading  :)