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Title: ATMEL Studio - Due Interrupts
Post by: LC-Kaden on Oct 28, 2019, 10:22 pm
I'm using an Arduino Due, and transitioning from using the Arduino IDE into using Atmel Studio. I'm following the tutorial at this link to get up and running:

I'm able to program the board with the example code provided at that link, but when the MCU tries to call an interrupt, it freezes the program instead of executing the interrupt handlers.

My best guess is that Atmel studio is putting my interrupt handlers at the wrong memory address, but I have no idea where/how to configure that.

Please help O.o
Title: Re: ATMEL Studio - Due Interrupts
Post by: ard_newbie on Oct 29, 2019, 07:47 am
I guess you want to switch from Arduino IDE to Atmel Studio to avoid the arduino functions (analogRead(), pinMode(), setup(), Loop(), etc...), right ?  In fact you can avoid all these arduino functions even in the arduino IDE, no need to switch to Atmel Studio.

Anyway, the first steps of this tutorial might help you getting started with Atmel studio for arduino DUE board (without any ASF function): (

If your final goal is to program the DUE with ASF, it might not be a good idea ...

Search in the DUE sub forum for working ADC conversion sketches with or without a PDC DMA (your code example from uses a PDC DMA)