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Title: Vtech cordless handset
Post by: CyberSpider on Aug 02, 2020, 02:28 am
Been searching around and unable to find anything on this.

Has anyone ever done a disassembly and reuse of parts from a Vtech cordless handset?

Opening an old one of mine, I find a battery (of course which also means a charging curcuit), lots of small SMD components (as expected in modern electronics), small capacitors, possibly memory chip(s), some type of module mounted on the board (processor and wireless?), and a lcd with 9 relatively long
(about a half inch) bare leads.

I haven't desoldered anything yet, but I am wondering about the LCD since it "looks" similar to the Nokia 5110 LCD (name, pinout, interfacing?).
Title: Re: Vtech cordless handset
Post by: edgar_wideman on Aug 20, 2020, 02:06 am
   Interesting, could you please post pictures for us to see?
  Also, what do you want to accomplish, hack it to use with exc. Bluetooth? or some Arduino audio interface?
  About the LCD, again with no pictures or finner details I really can't help.