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Title: Thoughts on vision shield?
Post by: marcelhensen on Oct 10, 2020, 08:15 pm
Well, what we really needed was the carrier. Now we get this vision shield.  :-\
The sensor, so they claim, is 324x324 pixels, so not much use for applications in quality control that need to see details. Strangely, the official datasheet of the HM01B0 sensor says just 320x320. Where do the extra 4 pixels come from? Magic or did this slip through quality control?
There is no information on the aperture angle. The large lens in the images would suggest a wide angle, so why on earth would you put that connector right next to it? Anything you plug in there is going to be in the image. Or is that the JTAG? But hey, the images seem to be rendered in Cin4D and not photographed, so that lens just might be a dummy. So that also means there are no real units yet I guess.

On another note: I really really hope you guys ship this board in a proper ESD packaging. The Portenta packaging is really bad, all design and no ESD safety. You know what we do here at the company with electronics parts that don't arrive in ESD packaging? We immediately ship them back without ever touching them. If this happens twice, the supplier gets blacklisted. Sealed packing is also needed by many QA processes like part steering, stocktaking and such. While you are at it: put a serial number QR code on both board and packaging. Companies like to track stocked parts in their ERP system. This is supply chain management 101.

Title: Re: Thoughts on vision shield?
Post by: basitmustafa on Oct 20, 2020, 07:53 am
It is very clear that either this is a DOA project by Arduino or they simply have no idea at all what professional means despite putting "Pro" in the name. 

This isn't even hobbyist on steroids, it is a completely lost product direction the company is barely supporting. 

The design, aesthetic, naming, everything is classically well done and Italian mastery, though, but, really, it is "Pro" in name only. 

Move along, back to the regular STM, Nordic, et al dev environments, boards, etc, I gave our initial buy of H7s away to local schools & STEM labs for elementary and middle school students after waiting months for Arduino to make good on promises while the boards collected dust as we hoped to consider them for the next gen platform for product dev. We didn't wait any longer and stuck true professional kit. 

I'd *love* to see the promise here delivered. Bringing some refinement to the embedded development ecosystem, process, HW, etc is sorely needed to help improve productivity and expand the net we cast when recruiting talent but also building cross-functional teams and engineers who are less siloed through their career. But they are failing at the BASICS of that at Arduino, it's all talk, no walk. 
Title: Re: Thoughts on vision shield?
Post by: gciccotti on Oct 26, 2020, 08:14 pm

Hello, thanks for your valuable feedbacks

Regarding the pixel resolution, there was a mismatch between the datasheet (324x324) of the Himax and the information on their website. We are changing the typo to 320x320.

Store pictures are always the most up to date versions, any kind of other materials, like illustrations, renders are meant to be informative, and could not represent the final version of the product. 

Regarding the ESD protection bag, the Portenta H7 has the pins ESD protected,  the single board package is intended for prototyping, for bulk orders, we can provide the boards in an ESD protected tray adequate for the purpose.

Of course our warranty covers the DOA and the shipping is very fast so we'll do our best to deliver you a new hw if the board doesn't work. I would like to remember that Arduino quality policy is to deliver a working product with the minimal return, and we test every single board we sell.

Also for this topic, thanks for the suggestion, we will take care of it.

About the serial number on the package, I can't doubt that some companies have warehouse processes to track every single item with its own serial number, more often we've experienced organization tracking the item type with quantity, this is why we put the barcode on the short side of the package. In case of the large order, we are open to discuss with the client an alternative way to track our items in order to match the client's processes.

People like you and your suggestions are really gold nuggets for us to make better products release by release.


Giuseppe Cardinale Ciccotti
Arduino PRO Product Manager (