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Title: Step By Step On Using A Watchdog To Reset Board With Wifi Issues
Post by: profgubler on Jan 10, 2012, 06:36 pm
I have looked around a lot and haven't found very many good tutorials on how to set a watchdog up in your sketch. (I am a beginner and just learning to program). I have a Linksprite Diamondback connected to an IR sensor. When the sensor reaches a certain threshold it makes a get request to be tracked online. This device has to run 24/7/365. But, if the wireless is reset or the power flickers or the board freezes, the device stops working. When finished, I won't be around to get the device back online. Currently, I can get the device working for many hours, but it is currently unreliable. I was wondering if I could do a hard reset of the device with a watchdog, if let's say the device hasn't sent a successful request for like 15 minutes.

Most of the tutorials on watchdogs aren't very clear (and they often mention using a different bootloader) which I don't know how to change. I also am thinking I might not need a new bootloader.

Any help or links on the topic would be great. Because the device works, I just can't get it to a point where I can put it where I want it and leave it alone for months on end.

Thanks for your help. The link to my arduino is here: