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Title: WristFlicker - Motion Capture system using Stretch Sensors
Post by: fkeel on Feb 26, 2012, 12:04 am

I posted some previous versions of my design here while I was working on it about a year ago.

(,8802.0.html and,53357.0.html)

I finally finished it and presented it at TEI (

I use an Arduino Fio with an Xbee to communicate with my computer. I measure the movements with two counteracting stretch sensors for each degree of freedom. (with three total degrees of freedom.)

This is just a quick video I made, using it to control volume and pitch of two sine waves:

Anyway I got a lot of input on this project from people in this forum and it would have never been possible without all the things I learned on here. A big *thank you* to the Arduino community.


More infos on this and other projects can be found at