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Is your battery one of the small rectangular smoke alarm batteries?
Microcontrollers / Re: Atmega328p-au
Last post by larryd - Today at 03:02 am

tqfp32 socket

Suggest you buy ProMini boards ~$3 and use the board as a daughter card.

All supporting parts are already there for you.  :)

Project Guidance / Re: Object identification
Last post by Power_Broker - Today at 02:57 am
If you can glue/mount things onto the stones themselves, you can put resistors on them - a unique resistance for each stone. Then you can have each stone as part of separate voltage dividers and use analogRead() for each of the voltage dividers to determine what stone is where (and if any stone at all is present)
General Electronics / problem with the nano arduino....
Last post by NattSC - Today at 02:55 am
I have a problem with the arduino nano, when this is connected to the PC by the USB cable the serial communication works fine, however when I disconnect it and feed it with a 9v battery the arduino stops sending transmission data.

I am working with a bluetooth transmitter, this works well with the arduino when it is connected to the PC, but when I feed it with the battery, it stops transmitting data completely.

I do not know what is due and I need help with this, anything that can help me is grateful. :smiley-confuse:  :smiley-confuse:
Why are you defending him?
I am holding up a mirror.  I am disappointed you fail to understand that.

Your behaviour, while different, is just as uncivil and actually teeters on bannable.

Is that the environment you want here?
"Rude" is a significant improvement over "personal attack".

The data sheets I see indicate that the set pin needs to be GND to be in AT mode. Are you doing that?
I am doing a project where I am trying to make a functioning bus blind, the ones you see on the front of TFL buses.
This has two shafts which spin connected with pulleys to a motor which has 17metre length of material which is to be transferred back and forth (kind of like a cassette tape). Originally they all ran on one belt, but because of the diameter of one shaft having an extra 5cm radius of material, it didn't keep tension due to it having different rotation speeds. I, therefore, hooked up separate 12volt stepper motors with individual belts to each shaft with one running at a time. This allows the off motor to keep a bit of tension on the material but not completely. I am also having problems where the motor is struggling to pull the weight.
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this, we have considered a tension bar but it won't fit in the box so it seems like it should be done through the code. The code in my mind should be written as an exponential wave over time and speed with both the motors.
I've attached images / video of it.
Any help or suggestions would be amazing!
Your pictures, video didn't attach. You should at least provide links, because not many outside London know what a bus blind is.
Hardware / Re: Sobre la camara OV 7670
Last post by IanKun - Today at 02:46 am
No se si es mi arduino el que falla que me parece poco probable, o si es el decodificador o conecte mal. Me gustaria saber paso a paso, asi talvez no falle.
Microcontrollers / Atmega328p-au
Last post by xzarida - Today at 02:39 am
Hello Forum

Trying to get into surface mount stuff.

I am having some trouble figuring out how to get a bootloader on the atmega328p-au

At 3:00 in this video the person is showing a socket holder for the SMD part, but when I look for socket holder not coming up with anything similar.

Any help would be nice.

Proyectos / Sensor infrarrojo
Last post by IanKun - Today at 02:38 am
Buenas noches, otra vez vengo a molestarlos, esta vez tengo una duda sobre como realizar las conecciones y cual es el codigo para usar un sensor infrarrojo MLX90614 con arduino, como sabran este sensor sirve para detectar calor a distancia y no a contacto como otros, he visto varios videos pero nunca explican como lo hacen, me gustaria que alguno de ustedes intente este experimento para deteccion de calor a distancia y me ayude con mi duda.
Muchas gracias.
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