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Project Guidance / Re: USB not working when power...
Last post by blh64 - Today at 06:13 am
You don't have a common ground throughout your schematic.  You need to connect the PSU negative to the arduino ground (COM-)
Sensors / Re: Distance to the Ground
Last post by wolframore - Today at 06:13 am
GPS isn't accurate enough on altitude. Plus with rise and fall of the ground you would never get correct height even if GPS was accurate. 
Sensors / Re: How to connect AD8232 hear...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 06:12 am
The connection would be the same as for an ordinary 3.3V Arduino
DKWatson, what do you mean by map(value, fromLow, fromHigh, toLow, toHigh)? can you clarify about it further? which coding do you mean by this?
Sensors / Re: How to connect AD8232 hear...
Last post by Vaibhavnbelgod - Today at 06:09 am
Can i get any references to interface nodemcu and AD8232 heart monitor..
Arduino Zero / Re: ICSP arduino zero
Last post by westfw - Today at 06:05 am
Code: [Select]
ADIS16460 imu(10, 2, 9); // Arguments: Chip Select, Data Ready, Reset Pin Assignments.
Do you have ALL the needed pins connected?   Are you using  a particular shield?
You need the SPI pins (MISO, MOSI, SCK) connected via the ICSP connector on the Zero, PLUS pins 10 (SS), 2, and 9.   2 and 9 are additional signals outside of the normal SPI spec.
The web page talks about connecting to a Teensy, and shows a teensy adapter motherboard and weird cable...
Arduino Zero / Re: Zero
Last post by westfw - Today at 06:00 am
You could ask them whether it has the Arduino bootloader loaded.  It shouldn't, actually (that would be encroaching on Arduino's USB Vendor ID ownership.)   It might also have the normal Atmel bootloader, which might work with Arduino?   Buy it and try it.
Or buy a similar board from Arduino or one of the trusted Arduino-compatible vendors (Sparkfun, Adafruit, Seeed, etc...)
It used to be more useful back before list comprehensions.
You've probably seen code like

Code: [Select]
[int(x[2]) for x in l]

Back before list comprehensions, you'd write that as

Code: [Select]
map(lambda x: int(x[2]), l)

(This was also back before map returned an iterator.)

These days, list comprehensions and generator expressions handle most of what map used to do. map is still cleaner sometimes, particularly when you don't need a lambda. apkjunky
For example, some people prefer

Code: [Select]
map(str, l)


Code: [Select]
(str(x) for x in l)
General Electronics / Re: fuse holder watts
Last post by denvercarclub - Today at 05:58 am
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Project Guidance / Re: Temp Control
Last post by 20james06 - Today at 05:56 am
Thanks for the mention of the thermocouple. That was my original idea and I'm not sure why I headed away from it. I agree it would be a better source and more consistent.
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