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Software / Re: digit 7 segmenti e contegg...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 08:36 pm
>giuseppegaia: in conformità al REGOLAMENTO, punto 13, il cross-posting è proibito (anche tra lingue diverse) per cui, questo tuo post che è uguale/stesso argomento di QUESTO, viene chiuso e quindi cancellato.

Ti prego, per il futuro, di evitare di aprire più post sullo stesso argomento in sezioni differenti del forum. Grazie.

Ok. What do you need help with, specifically? What components do you have so far (give links please)?
I think it must have been coincidence, as I just ended up leaving it a few days, tried again last night and it just installed.

So far, so good. 
Software / Re: Collegare Arduino al pc tr...
Last post by simone91 - Today at 08:34 pm
Scusa ma se non leggo male, l'SH-M08 è BLE (non Bluetooth "liscio")...
Ma tu hai qualche programma di esempio da usare o no?
Se hai iOS vedi QUI ad esempio.
Ho scaricato l' app e sono riuscito a connettermi grazie mille!!! Unica cosa riesco ad inviare dati dal monitor serial al telefono ma non viceversa... Comunque ho già fatto dei progressi!
Sensors / Re: Ublox on serial nano v3 ru...
Last post by pylon - Today at 08:34 pm
Tx from gps is on nano's rx pin and rx from gps is on tx nano pin.
Interface:UART Serial TTL 3.3V Level
That GPS module is may be fried. The Nano runs all it's pins on 5V but the GPS module most not have signal level above 3.3V. You may need a new GPS module and you definitely need a level converter.

The small excerpt you posted is not your code but a few precompiler definitions a lot of comments. Do you want to waste our time? What of "post your complete sketch" didn't you undestand?
Deutsch / Re: NRF24L01 2 Wege Kommunikat...
Last post by Whandall - Today at 08:33 pm
Also nicht direkt also 1-2 haben eine Adresse
Und 3-4 haben eine andere Adresse

Am liebsten wäre mir das 2-3 auch eine separate Adresse bekommen
Das ergibt für mich keinen Sinn.

Meine Strategie wäre:

  • alle Knoten haben sowieso eine eigene Adresse
  • auf dieser sie lauschen wenn sie gerade nichts zu senden haben (mit Ack)
  • wer senden will, hört auf zu lauschen und sendet an den gewünschten Empfänger der die Nachricht quittiert
  • danach lauscht er wieder auf seinen Kanälen
Wenn man noch Kanäle haben will auf die alle Knoten lauschen,
kann man die zusätzlich öffnen und entsprechend konfigurieren (ohne Ack).
Deutsch / WEMOS D1 ohne USB programmiere...
Last post by uk1408 - Today at 08:32 pm

ich habe hier einen D1 mini der sich weigert über USB programmiert zu werden. Ich gehe mal davon aus dass die USB-Schnittstelle defekt ist. Jetzt meine Frage: Kann man den D1 mini unter Umgehung der USB-Schnittstelle programmieren? Ich habe schon diverse ESP01 Module mit der angefügten Schaltung und einem USB-Seriell-Adapter programmiert.

Frage: Kann man den WEMOS auch so programmieren? Ich habe es schon versucht, bin mir aber über die Zuordnung der Signale zu den Ports nicht sicher  :( .
Wäre schön wenn ich den WEMOS noch verwenden könnte......
Sensors / Re: USB Port to Port noise va...
Last post by Paul_KD7HB - Today at 08:32 pm
Very interesting!

You wrote: On my to do:
- test a cable with a ferrite choke when it arrives
- test some code that sends a 2 Hz sine wave into the USB port instead of sensor data
- test on more machines

Are you going to add a ferrite choke or is there one on the cable already? You my need to get a sample of various ferrite mixes in order to find one that works with you problem PC.

Project Guidance / Re: Sensirion SPS30: how to in...
Last post by micha_pr - Today at 08:32 pm
For I2C you can try my simple program:
Maybe it will help.
If you cannot change the Wire.h lib, you can read out the first 5 values only
(look in code - there is such an option)

@kvital - in your code is one detail not correct:
You must not stop the measurement before finishing all the process. Results will be wrong.

The stop command should be used only before switching off the module.
It's worth while making a backup of your sketches , as with any other important data on your computer, from time to time .
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