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Project Guidance / Re: i need help on code
Last post by larryd - Today at 04:57 am
void loop()
{     <------<<<< you are also missing the opening brace

Did you connect things to the UNO board before trying to upload a sketch to it?  The first thing you should do with the UNO is connect it to the computer but not anything else, and just upload something simple, like the example blink sketch.   Depending on the circuit, things attached to the UNO may interfere with uploading sketches to it. 
You can run 2 steppers off one A4988 driver. They can be both in the same direction or opposite each other depending on the way you connect the motors to the driver.

You can also change your step routine to step both motors (as you just discovered). Toggling two step pins would happen so fast they would appear to be running synchronously.
Sensors / Re: Is There a Air Quaility Mo...
Last post by Paul_KD7HB - Today at 04:51 am
To begin, mold is a fungus. Fungus propagate by releasing spoors. They are like dust in the air and that is what you smell and what you must test for. Determining the difference between dust particles in the air and mold spores is done with a microscope.

There are no PPM for dust. There are micrograms per cubic meter and other similar measures of dust quantity per volume of air. Then there are measurements of various ranges of sizes of dust particles that are measured. I have no idea of the sizes of your mold spores, so you will have to research that.

Basically, look for Arduino dust sensor, or similar searches.

Polling always works. How are you doing it?

sorry i mean pull*  and look at the requestRX1/2/3 in the code. i send a float value to the salve. when it arrives at the slave module the code confirms the value and responds based of the incoming value. then slave then sends it back to the master and the code continues. i dont even know what happening anymore. i think they are all sending the sdata at the wrong/same time and it get garbled. if i unplug 1 of any of the 3 slave modules the communication starts to sort of work again. i dont need them to be perfect every packet but i need to to atleast work. im not even sure what i have going on at readBothResponses(); i really need some guidance here
Ah figured this out, hope this helps anyone else.

void loop() {

for(int s=0; s < 10000; s++)

General Electronics / Re: comparater HIGH state outp...
Last post by JCA79B - Today at 04:50 am
OpAmps like LM358 / 324 can only come up to 2 junction drops (about 0.65V each depending on temperature) below supply voltage, so 5V - 1.3 = 3.7 (about).
Perhaps during bootloading you set fuses to values that require an external crystal to be attached to the ATmega328p, but you don't have a crystal attached.   
I am using MiniCore atmega328p board library to upload boot loader. I did select 16 MHz external crystal before uploading bootloader.

But the external crystal is attached and working.
I know because of these facts:
1- I checked crystal using oscilloscope before burning boot loader it was working.
2- After uploading bootloader i also successfully upload blink sketch.
3- Blink sketch was working.
Hardware / Re: Conectar sensor fotoel├ęctr...
Last post by tauro0221 - Today at 04:47 am
Aqui te sugiero que hagas una prueba a los dos sensores. Al sensor de PNP aplicale voltaje y hazlo funcionar mientras lees el voltaje en pin  Q y el del L/D. Al de npn haz la misma prueba y lees los pines de L/D y la Q. El unico que te debe dar voltaje es el Q pues el L/D es la salida del colector del transistor npn y este solamente suple el ground.  Aqui posiblemente los sensores se hayan danado pues en uno de los hilos tu mencionas que los energizastes con un transformador AC por lo tanto esto puede haber danado los  sensores.
is it possible to use a ir receiver that receives remote signals for measuring distance with normal ir led using time of flight method. if yes, how is that done, is there any way to detect signals that are not hexadecimal as sent my remotes. i thought millis function would do the work if im some how able to detect a non coded ir pulse (unlike remote signals) using the receiver.
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