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is alarm declared as volatile ?
Maybe create a minimal but complete sketch which highlights the problem, and post that.
Displays / Re: 2.4" TFT touch display par...
Last post by david_prentice - Today at 11:42 am
Both of your shields show unusual readreg reports.

Have you tried tft.begin(0x9329) or tft.begin(0x9341)

Run example sketch from library

e.g. File->Examples->MCUFRIEND_kbv->graphictest_kbv
e.g. File->Examples->MCUFRIEND_kbv->diagnose_TFT_support
e.g. File->Examples->MCUFRIEND_kbv->LCD_ID_readreg
e.g. File->Examples->MCUFRIEND_kbv->readpixel_kbv
Where did you buy them?   e.g. link to Ebay sale, AliExpress sale
Which country do you live in?
I live in the UK.

I might have used softer language but my conclusion is exactly the same as @Nick_Pyner

If you want help then it is your task to try very hard so we don't have to. We are not being paid to help you.

so, if you dont understand the issue (whatever the reason (too complex, nonsense, foreign language, out of site scope....), dont help.
if you dont understand the issue but you want to get paid to solve it, then suggest a transfer to "gigs and collaboration".

everybody has the right to have opinion. The right and the opinion should be (and is- by me-) respected.
No member is oblidged to spend time in order to think a solution to another member;s problem. But, if a member wants to involve and thinks that the "data" given by the OP is not sufficient, he can ask for more details.
it is tottally impolite for anybody to say that somebody else;s writing is nonsense.

Well, that is my opinion and I expect it should be not critisised.

at #2, david_2018 asks for details and I respond.

Although I disagree , I will not stop to support the right for everybody to have his/her opinion.

pls do not continue posting, the issue is solved. Because Im considered newbie I cannot edit the initial subject to wright [solved] in.
thank you

have a nice day
Use port manipulation rather than digitalWrite.
Français / Re: connecter 7 sonde sht85 a...
Last post by kamill - Today at 11:40 am
Il faut des résistances de pullup sur SDA et SCL en général on utilise des résistances de 4.7k.
Sur internet tu trouveras plus de détails sur le calcul des pullup et le calcul sur des topologies plus complexes. Par exemple ici.

Par contre si tu utilises des modules, quelquefois les modules intègrent des résistances de pullup. Il faut donc vérifier avec les modules utilisés.
Thanks for your reply, EEPROM sounds like a good solution.
The project is a cash box with 3 slots for 3 different coin, when a coin is dropped the counter should add its value and display it. if the power goes off and then back on the value of the counter for each slot should be displayed with the existing amount.
Hardware / Re: ATmega32U4 come DFU per un...
Last post by nid69ita - Today at 11:38 am
essendo il tuo primo post, nel rispetto del regolamento della sezione Italiana del forum (… punto 13, primo capoverso), ti chiedo cortesemente di presentarti IN QUESTO THREAD (spiegando bene quali conoscenze hai di elettronica e di programmazione ... possibilmente evitando di scrivere solo una riga di saluto) e di leggere con MOLTA attenzione tutto il su citato REGOLAMENTO ... Grazie. :)


P.S.: Ti ricordo che, purtroppo, fino a quando non sarà fatta la presentazione, nessuno ti potrà rispondere, quindi ti consiglio di farla al più presto. ;)
Audio / Re: Arduino into usb audio int...
Last post by zwieblum - Today at 11:38 am
Maybe it would be a good startingpoint to actually describw what you want to, if you have done any research on your own and what it is that you have problems with. If you want a "gimme all", then be prepared to be asked for a bunch more bucks than you want to spend.
Deutsch / Re: Folge "Animation" mit Neop...
Last post by jonasgrafe - Today at 11:37 am
Vielen Dank euch beiden.

Das funktioniert ja super, damit kann ich nun weiter arbeiten und evtl noch verfeinern.
Project Guidance / delayMicroseconds() limit
Last post by MichaelThe2nd - Today at 11:34 am

I would like to send a '1' from digital i/o for 3 microseconds and then send a '0' for 3 microseconds.

Tried doing so and observed the outcome via an oscillopscope and what I saw is that my i/o pin was set on '1' and '0' for roughly 13 microseconds rather than 3, also tried to decrease to 1 microsecond however the outcome was the same, 13 microseconds.

Any help is appreciated.
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