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Bar Sport / Re: How did we get to know all...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 08:44 am
On top of the hill going down the other side:
Yes, watching Star Trek episodes for the 200th time, dropping food on your shirt when eating, drooling, anal leakage (Depends), the golden years takes all your gold.
However, you won't be aware of what's happening ;) .

Conrgats Chris!

52 was a very good year :)
So was 56, each time I leave the house I make sure I have one of these in my top pocket and it has stuff written on it that I "might" forget.

Its also a great excuse when asked didn't you buy this or that when out "hunter gathering" at the supermarket.
All I say "If it wasn't on the list, I didn't buy it"
My point, I'm getting old and don't want to waste what ever brain power I have left, being a mind reader.

Tom..... :)
Does anyone actually know how to program the FPGA? There is absolutely no documentation that I can find on programming the FPGA part of the board, just that you have to use the Quartus Prime IDE from Intel. I found one site that gave a quick example the link is below, but whenever I attempt the example I get a mountain of errors when I start the compilation process. I've tried multiple times to no avail. Also it says that after compiling the project I have to run a JAVA Program to "invert" the compiled ttf file and change it to a .h library file for arduino. If this is the case how the hell does it work? do you just include the library and call some sort of function from it using arduino? this seems like a god awful, horible way to do something like this. I know I am an absolute noob when it comes to FPGAs but this seems ridiculous, Arduino is know for ease of use and this so far has not been easy to use in any way. I could really use some pointers on how to actually program the Vidor4000 FPGA. Whether complicated or not I'm on a rather limited budget because I'm in school and a single dad of three and I guess I made a poor assumption that getting an Arduino FPGA would make the learning process a slight bit easier. So please anyone that has or knows of any documentation to program this damn thing I more be very appreciative.
Microcontrollers / Re: Arduino Pro Mini (5v) ext....
Last post by sterretje - Today at 08:37 am
There seems to be an influx of incorrect pro minis. Marked 5V but with 8MHz fitted, marked 3.3V but with 16MHz fitted.

Can you decypher the crystal / ceramic resonator on the board?

If those are official Sparkfun ones, you can ask them. If they are clones, that happens when you buy cheap stuff ;)
Tutoriels et cours / Re: Va et Vient Mécanique et a...
Last post by Antika - Today at 08:36 am

Merci pour le partage!
Bar Sport / Re: How did we get to know all...
Last post by GoForSmoke - Today at 08:33 am
I didn't hang around in bars, much, or out on corners when I was young. That probably helped with learning.

I don't watch much TV either, there's so much brain rot TV teaching always to follow, obey and consume whatcher told.
I am way too skeptical to be happy with most TV, I don't want to shut off and start eating what I smell.

We all feel normal and wonder why so many others seem slow. It's because we're not.

And possibly some people have good long term memory while others can't seem to remember last year.
Because you tried to power a servo from USB.  Don't do that, use a separate supply with at least 1A of
current rating per servo.
thank you so much
Software / Re: EEPROM.h su architettura E...
Last post by droidprova - Today at 08:27 am

nel programma che sto finendo, faccio uso della #include <EEPROM.h>, e finchè non utilizzo il ciclo for per fare un canc della eeprom e sovrascrivere tutti i byte a zero va tutto bene. Appena faccio il canc poi non riesco più a gestire la memoria, è come se non memorizzasse più . A quel punto per far rifunzionare tutto devo riflashare il programma cancellando tutto. Perchè?

Code: [Select]

int addr = 0;

for (addr = 0; addr < 512; addr++) {
        EEPROM.write(addr, 0);

Français / Re: Puissance faible 433 et IR
Last post by Deadlu17 - Today at 08:27 am

J'ai fait un schéma rapid ce matin pour te montrer le fonctionnement, j'espère que ca te va
Français / Re: message d'erreur sur code
Last post by fdufnews - Today at 08:26 am
Il me semble que c'est une erreur qui sort lorsque la structure du .ino n'est pas bonne. Du style il manque le setup() ou bien loop().
I use both 3 and 5volt prominis and the 3 runs at 8 and the 5 runs at 16 MHz
The IDE uses these settings and will need the serial baud rate setting half or double if the wrong board voltage is selected. Very useful to have serial print to see  that that the correct board has actually been selected.
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