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Motors, Mechanics, and Power / The Combo
Last post by Darius051 - Today at 09:57 pm
Hi everyone.  :)
I'm new here and have already followed some topics but now I need some specific info's so I'll try to be as short as possible.
Trying to make primary a 3d print machine with some engraving capabilities in wood, plastic or even aluminum. Here is a simplified design without reinforcements and I have no idea of the torque requirements for the components.

The dimensions would be around 50x70cm or less. There are 4 lead screws in the Z and belts in the X&Y and I'm in the process of choosing the right stepper-driver-supply balance on a tight budget. I know, it's complicated but ... :)
So, my modest knowledge has narrowed the electronic components to arduino mega 2560 rev3 + ramps1.6 + drv8825 + 3x this nema 23 or this nema 23? that is the question.
The first one is 2.0A and the second 2,8A. Which one can the driver handle better and consequently which power supply to choose based on these motors? For the extruder I'm thinking of a smaller nema 17 so that should be not a problem I hope...
Thank you for your answers.
Editor / Re: Help me.... I can't seem t...
Last post by pert - Today at 09:57 pm
@pert how did you get the full code?
About 2018-03-22, 02:52:05 PST? I was able to visit, click the "Add to my sketchbook" button, then I clicked the downward pointing triangle to the right on the sketch name and selected "Download sketch".
Deutsch / Re: Anfänger benötigt Unterstü...
Last post by michael_x - Today at 09:57 pm
Code: [Select]
struct {byte pin; uint16_t zeit;} warnbalken[8] = {
  {30,0}, {31,250},{32,230}, {33,210} /* ...usw... */ };
So solltest du sehen, dass es nicht mehr Code ist ;)
Sensors / Re: smoothing example
Last post by jremington - Today at 09:55 pm
no doubt noise
Or, inadequate servo power supply, or faulty programming.

See the "How to use this forum" post for hints on posting a sensible request for help.
Sensors / Re: Mega 2560 several Force se...
Last post by Paul_KD7HB - Today at 09:55 pm
I found the factory web site, but they don't discuss a controller interface or any other information. Tell us more about your project and how it is wired together. Schematic would be great!

Sensors / Re: NewPing Library: HC-SR04, ...
Last post by teckel - Today at 09:55 pm
Hi Tim,

i need some support in my current project. I would like to trigger and read
the data of 64 HCSR04 Ultrasonic distance sensors. I want to build an array
of 8x8 sensors with a distance of 6cm to a vibrating wall.
Through the distance variations (Amplitude is big enough) I hope to 
get enough information to analyse the wall.

The echo of the sensors will not effect each other. I have a big distance between
each sensor and a special foam behind the sensors which will hopefully absorb the
signals. I read on your website that your sketch can handle 15 sensors on a 33ms
intervall. When I change the Maximum_Distance even smaller intervalls should be possible, correct?

Do you know a possibility to ping as many sensors as possible at the same time?
I know that it will never be possible to trigger 64 sensors at the same time, because
even with Port Manipulation it is just possible to to activate 7 Pins at the same time.
Do you have any suggestions or do you know if somebody has done something similar before?


You could ping more frequently if there were no echos.  But, cross-talk between sensors prohibits multiple sensors being triggered at the same time.  As the sensors must SEND before they can receive, if you would ping two sensors at the same time the cross-talk would result in the echo being garbage yielding bad readings.

The only way to do it is to ping each sensor one at a time, or, look for a different technology.  It doesn't sound like ultrasonic is a good method for what you're doing, and how much would this wall be vibrating anyway?  It would need to be moving more than a CM for it to be detected, and only the center would move I would assume.

Français / Convertir tableau char en Hex
Last post by hppp - Today at 09:54 pm
Bonjour à tous,

Avec un shield ethernet, je récupère une suite de caractère de la forme char "13A2004062A169" et je voudrais convertir cette chain de caractère en 2 variable en hexa de la forme :

uint32_t msb=0x0013A200;
uint32_t lsb=0x4062A169;

Savez vous, si il existe une fonction pour ça?

Merci par avance

Assuming I am reading your code correctly this line:

Code: [Select]
if (code==1879870)

looks for a specific MIFARE code and prompts for a password if it is found.

If you have two cards you can try looking for either of them then set the target password based on the code like this:

Code: [Select]
// check known MIFARE codes
  if ( (code == 1879870) || (code == 1111111) )

    // set target password based on code
    switch ( code )
      case 1879870:

      case 1111111:


    Serial.print("Welcome back, Lu!");
    Serial.print("Please enter your password:");
    analogWrite(A1, 150);
    tone(10, 1000, 500);
    analogWrite(A1, 0);

  else //if (code != 1879870)
    analogWrite(A0, 150);
    tone(10, 1000, 500);
    analogWrite(A0, 0);

(note the change to the else clause)

Of course, you would replace the 1111111 with the card code.  

I cannot compile the code since I don't have the libraries, so proceed with caution.

If it works you could work on storing multiple codes and passwords with the advice in reply #1 then add a loop for checking passwords instead of a simple if statement.
Generale / Re: Da 1.5 V DC a 180 V DC, pe...
Last post by Nicolore93 - Today at 09:53 pm
le racchette ammazzamosche?
Ci avevo pensato pure io, anche se nel mio caso l'erogazione deve essere costante, comunque mi vado a cercare qualche bello schema.
You're right.

In send_header,
Code: [Select]
was false in option, I move Allow: GET, PUT,HEAD outside and now it works.

This part of the library is not my work, I don't know what header_t object are, I dont fin any reference to it on the web... Don't know from where it is define...

but at least, it work. Thanks.

Regards. Nitrof
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