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Programming Questions / Re: Serial.print Word and Vari...
Last post by ZebH - Today at 08:36 pm
Hi GoForSmoke,

Yes I have learnt how to write functions thanks to Delta_G!

Thanks for your example that's just what I wanted.

And no I did not know that the chip itself only moved at 1 byte at a time, but now I know!

Thanks again,

Programming Questions / Re: Arduino Parts Counter
Last post by Timmcg55 - Today at 08:35 pm
Thanks for your reply.
Concerning the formatting. I did this because initially I was over the 9000 character limit. I eliminated spaces and all unnecessary text.
I did know about the encoder and suspected it will last a short time. Since this is a prototype for demonstration I used it just to prove the concept and get something working before I spend $$ on more hardware. I plan on using a motor with an encoder when I finalize this demonstration unit.

Unless part of your objective is to build a custom encoder handler, seriously consider using an encoder library.  There's an effective one in the Arduino IDE -> file/examples folder.  This can make the listing a lot cleaner and relieve you of most the housekeeping chores involved with an encoder.
Could you possibly expand on this?

Deutsch / Re: AccelStepper & Sensor Posi...
Last post by Doc_Arduino - Today at 08:34 pm

irgendwie scheint mir die Benennung Verwirrung stiften zu wollen. Deine Werte 398, 0, 414, -400 stellen laut meiner Meinung keinen Arbeitsbereich dar. Die stellen laut meiner Meinung den neuen "Nullpunkt" dar der am Sensor gefunden wird. Ich vermute der Motor verliert Schritte. Testweise Rampe flacher machen und max. reduzieren.
My understanding is that this library is an integral part of the standard installation.
Mine too.

What happens when you try to use it ?
Which Arduino board are you using ?
You can also add the static keyword before the declaration or, as you have said, make it global.


I had thought that returning a value would, you know, return the value, like it seems to do in every other case.
The 'value' you return is a pointer to a data structure (array) which, in the mean time, has disappeared.
Project Guidance / Re: Best way to poll multiple ...
Last post by czu001 - Today at 08:33 pm
I would suggest focusing on just getting your 2 way communication and polling working instead of trying to optimize sleep/wake times.
Sensors / Re: Tipping bucket rain gauge ...
Last post by uziboy - Today at 08:33 pm
Whether TTGO borad has the same controller system with ESP32 but cannot upload the same program? After I have changed pin set.
So you want an Arduino (UNO ?) to act as a WiFi router, providing a cabled Ethernet connection to a Laptop for instance ?

Why ?
Deutsch / Re: I2C ESP & Nano
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 08:31 pm

A4 A5 sind die I²C-Pins auf Nano/Uno, nicht D4 D5.
Vll. ist hier schon der Hund begraben.

Könnte ein zusätzliches Problem sein, aber auch mit richtiger Pinangabe funktioniert es nicht.
Thank you.

What makes it do that?  How am I supposed to return values created by sprintf, or am I to put it in global scope?  Also, is this a problem with sprintf specifically, or something else?

I had thought that returning a value would, you know, return the value, like it seems to do in every other case.
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