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Title: Paranormal Activity w/ Resonant Circuitry and Electromagnetic Radiation
Post by: blzalewski on Jul 02, 2013, 12:15 am
Hi, I'm not one to believe in paranormal activity but here's my story and I'm wondering if any of you can give me plausible scientific explainations for the things I've been observing.

So, basically, I'm dealing with this circuit that's tuned to resonance w/ a Tesla coil running around 400v and doing NDT research/prototype building with Arduino (which is why I'm here - by the way, my goal is to sabotage the high-priced ultrasonic NDT community by releasing an open source software/open source 3D print device). Anyway, I'm generating a noticeable amount of electromagnetic radiation (granted, I'm noticing it on a 5GS/s oscilloscope). The radiation is appearing around 1Ghz (so it's on the lower end of the "microwave spectrum".

Anyway, on to where it gets weird. I unplugged a computer/monitor for 3 hours and then plugged it in and when I turned it on, windows didn't have to load - everything was just there. Also, it seems like a lot of devices (like ethernet connections and even the Arduino) seem to change their behavior. For instance, my stepper motor's resonant frequency jumps around a lot when on the same ground as the circuit. Also, it may just be because I just was reading about paranormal electromagnetic activity but whenever I'm tired, the frequencies of these events seem to increase. And, it might be important to note that in this lab, there's definitely been a lot of experimentation in the past with x-rays, high voltage, and whatnot... maybe even gamma but I don't know that for sure.

So, someone please talk some sense into me and give me some reasonable explanations. Karma for anyone who uses the word quantum chaos in their explanation.