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Title: Turning Interact SV-283 into USB HID device
Post by: thradtke on Sep 26, 2013, 09:54 am

hope my question is appropriate here, otherwise please put it where it fits.

I have some experiences with the Leonardo (some time ago interfaced an A500 keyboard controller to USB successfully, still in use) and a new project in mind: More than one decade ago there was a unique gaming device, the Interact SV-283, connected to the PC gameport but using an apparently proprietary digital protocol. It seems too difficult for me to use it as it is under more recent operating systems not supporting the old gameport, so I'd want to rip the useless electronics and directly attach all buttons, kompensator, rotary encoder and two ec-motors to a Leonardo.

While I have an idea how to do the electronics and most of the software, I'm stuck with driving the two motors responsible for Force Feedback (FF). Apparently FF isn't covered by HID game controllers class, so I'd need (apparently) a PID (physical interface device) library on the Arduino. Am I right? If so, does it exist and, again, if so, where to get it?

Thanks for your time,