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Title: West Midlands, UK.
Post by: sirius631 on Mar 15, 2015, 10:00 am
Anyone here from the West Midlands in the U.K.?

My name is David, I live in Walsall (where the M6 does the best impression of a car park). I know of a Maker group in Birmingham, which I might get to visit soon.

I've had a bit of a play around with a Duemilanove before now, but I'm currently working on an 8x8x8 white LED cube, to be driven by an Uno. I seem to be doing it different to everyone else; where the usual route seems to be to use a lot of registers, I'm using a 74LS08 AND gate core, so that anode column is active only when the right row and aisle are both '1'. The aisle, row and layer data will be input on three shift registers.

I've just inherited a whole heap of electronic components from my brother, who passed away all too young. I've still got to complete the inventory to see if I've got any MOSFETs to sink the cathode current of my cube.

Title: Re: West Midlands, UK.
Post by: robyn-robotics on Nov 08, 2018, 12:22 pm
Im looking for somebody to fault find an arduino project.Do you think you would be up to this?
if so,give me a call on 07811432717 mike coffey,based in Oldbury