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Title: MKR NB 1500 Sleep mode
Post by: Pinak_Cb on Mar 06, 2019, 06:58 am
I am trying to to put the MKRNB 1500 to sleep.
using the RTC library i was able to put the board to sleep and get an average of 60mA.

I was hoping to achieve somewhere below 10mA.

has anyone achieved below 60mA and can help me out ? Also is there anyway we can disable the Cellular network on 1500 ? i think disabling the cellular network can reduce power consumption in sleep mode.
Title: Re: MKR NB 1500 Sleep mode
Post by: arneme on Mar 20, 2019, 03:52 pm
If you do not want to have the cellular radio on you can use the AT+CPWROFF to turn the cellular modem completely off. You can also use the AT+CFUN command to turn it off (or set it to different power save modes). If you are going to use either the NB-IoT or Cat M1 network (which I assume to be the case since you have an MKR1500 board) there are also various power save modes supported by the network (and that can be controlled with AT commands) that you could use in order to reduce power consumption between sending/receiving of data. Support for network supported power save modes may however differ from network to network.

Also note that SAMD21 MCU based Arduino boards have its own power save library: