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Title: Issue with MKR WiFI 1010 Flashing Orange LED - Board not functioning
Post by: chriskane on Apr 10, 2019, 03:47 pm
Afternoon All,

I'm having some bother with my new Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 board. The problem I'm having is that occasionally (about 1 in every 5 attempts) when I try to upload a sketch, it seems to go into some sort of 'bootloader' mode. What I mean by this is that the BUILTIN Orange LED flashes by fading in and out (Not the CHRG LED). The computer can recognise the board as it makes the Windows device insertion tone when plugged in. When this happens to the board, it can not run any sketches and I cannot upload anything onto the board- rendering it useless. There is nothing attached to the Arduino, just the USB Cable.

Under normal operation, the board will connect to my computer under a low numbered port such as com4, and be fully working. However, when it is in this 'stuck flashing' mode, it will connect to the IDE under a high numbered port such as com21. Device Manager shows that it can detect the bootloader (see screenshot).

I have tried:

And all of that has made no difference. I can't for the life of me get this board working again, but I have been able to do it in the past by trying for hours- I'm not sure how I was able to fix it. As I mentioned above, this problem occurs when I click the sketch upload button in the Web or Local IDE. Thank you for your help in advance, this problem is driving me nuts!  :o


Just attempted the loop back test and I don't think it worked as the CHRG LED just kept flashing and there was no Windows device insertion tone.
Title: Re: Issue with MKR WiFI 1010 Flashing Orange LED - Board not functioning
Post by: brodypj on May 28, 2019, 01:37 am
Have the same problem. Unit was working fine for 2 months (connected to BME280 sensor). Stopped responding a few days ago. I tried a normal restart which had worked before when unit froze. This time, orange charge light flashes rapidly and board does not respond. Sketch upload appears at first to work ("verify successful, CPU reset") but upload then errors out saying it can't find the board on the selected com port. I'm trying various things, but it may be toast. Any insights would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Issue with MKR WiFI 1010 Flashing Orange LED - Board not functioning
Post by: amaiaamaia on Jun 11, 2019, 09:55 am

My Arduino mkr1010 Wifi gets sometimes stuck sometimes while loading the firmware. But i just disconnect  usb, and connect it, I press again the "upload" button and it works. In my case I am not using windodws but ubuntu.

To write the new sw in the microcontroller, it must enter in bootloader mode, from there, the flash is erased and writen, and at this point your computer  detects bootloader. Once reset is done the device enters normal mode and the computer should detect the right com port..

Once I had a similiar problem with another microcontroller and Windows, and windows was to blame at that time...

I would try to disconnect your arduino, restart your computer, connect your arduino and open the ide again...
Title: Re: Issue with MKR WiFI 1010 Flashing Orange LED - Board not functioning
Post by: amaiaamaia on Jun 13, 2019, 03:52 pm
Hi again,

Ironically I started having problems with loading firmware with arduino in the last days (since I posted in this thread.) :-S.

Last week my USB cable (which I also used for my mobile) suffered an accident, and I had to buy another one.
Since then my arduino  has problems when loading software and gets stuck really often and my IDE (installed in Ubuntu) does not recognise de arduino port most of the time...I did not remarked till today....
Today I changed my USB cable for another which length is shorter, and now I have not so many problems when uploading code.

With my new  usb cable aprox. 110 cm cable --> firmware update gets stuck very often
with another usb cable aprox. 55 cm cable --> firmware loads muuch better

...or maybe the long cable had defect...i do not know, i do not have more usb cables to test