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Title: {annoying} Christmas lights
Post by: Onions on Dec 05, 2010, 09:52 pm
Hi all!
Earlier on today I chucked together an annoying christmas lights flasher.
I posted the details in a thread started a while ago and then realised it was
in frequently asked questions. So here it is, in a more appropriate place.

was the origional, but to save you the effort of going to it, I will post it

What it is, is a set of bright LED lights connected to the arduino to flash
at random intervals. The code is simple and can be seen below:

int delayVal;
const int ledpin = 2;

void setup(){
  pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  delayVal = random(15, 500);
  digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);
  delayVal = random(15, 500);
  digitalWrite(ledpin, LOW);

a video can be seen here:
or a picture here:

It is simple, but useless. Hopefully by posting it here someone can make
some use of it, or modify it to improve an existing project.

Title: Re: {annoying} Christmas lights
Post by: Onions on Dec 05, 2010, 09:54 pm
The picture is bad quality as it is from a bad camera.
The LED lights were from a garden center last year.
They are driven from a transistor attatched to pin 2 and 3v3.

Hopefully this covered everything I forgot to add in the last post.